Artificial Intelligence and augmented reality devices are the future. Imagine a device where you talk to it and it responds all inside your head. AlterEgo is a new headset developed by MIT that does that now. Asking questions, silent speech, and more all done with thoughts. I am a huge fan of these type of solutions, so I was so excited to learn about this device and share it with you.

About AlterEgo

AlterEgo was designed by students at MIT. Arnav Kapur, the graduate student who lead AlterEgo’s development, describes it as an “intelligence-augmentation device.”  The idea came about because students love their digital devices, but wanted a less disruptive solution.  This device still gives you access to all the data you need but allows you to be more present and less disruptive to the world around you.  Pretty cool.

How it works

You strap the AlterEgo device to your face.  It attaches behind your ear and runs along the jaw bone to under your lip.  Yes, it does look a little funny to have a white stripe on your face, but I am sure they can change the color or make a clear one.  Hey, even a holographic rainbow color would be cooler.  For more details on the technology, check out the MIT article.

You talk to the device, but not out loud.  You think about a question like, What is the temperature? It reads the signals your brain sends to your mouth and jaw and answers the question for you.  Ok, but how does that work? The institution explained in its announcement that AlterEgo communicates with you through bone-conduction headphones, which circumvent the ear canal by transmitting sound vibrations through your face bones. This, MIT said, makes it easier for AlterEgo to talk to you while you’re talking to someone else.

That is so cool! Check out the video of it in action.

When will we get it?

The good news about AlterEgo is that in trials involving 10 people, AlterEgo had an accurate transcription rate of 92 percent.  The bad news, no real plan to release it to the public.  Hopefully, someone will decide to patent it and make it available to us all.

As you can imagine, there will be pushback on a product like this because it basically would allow a device to read your thoughts. This is where we get into the area of regulation for AI and augmented reality. Though this one is basic, more advanced ones could be used for lots of reasons.  It could be an excellent lie detector test, help those with disabilities, and allow us to get instant information without pulling out the phone.

So, for now, we will have to wait on silent speech, but the technology is here.  We just have to get people on board with it.  Can you imagine how much our lives are going to change in the next few years with more advancements in AI and augmented reality devices?  I am very excited as we are way behind in our use of technology to make life better.


The best is yet to come, be patient.