We all love finding great deals online and Amazon wants to help us find them. The new Amazon $10 and under collection is now available to all customers. They pulled together a bunch of items at low price points and offer free shipping. There is a nice variety of items and it is definitely worth checking out.

Amazon $10 and Under Deals

Amazon has quietly launched this new section on its site that showcases a variety of products for $10 and under. To make it even more appealing they are offering free shipping. This is for all customers to take advantage of, not just Prime members. Pretty sweet deal.

This new section is not easy to find from the main site.  Check out the Amazon deals here.

Types of Products

When you get to the main page, you see that there are a lot of categories covered.  They include women’s, men’s, electronics, gifts, home decor, household, and watches.  The last category seems to change depending on what is going on at the time.  Right now it is Valentine’s which is good if you need an inexpensive way to show your Valentine some love.

Women’s Section

This section has a variety of items that includes clothes, jewelry, accessories and nail polish. You get a larger image of the item, a price, and the ratings.  There are a lot of items and you scroll for quite a while before you get to the end.

A few things that stood out were LMB buttery soft Capri leggings for $9.99.  We all need buttery soft leggings.  There were also some pretty JunXin sterling silver round Opal stud earrings for $8.99.

There seems to be a lot of selection.  Some items are ok quality, others are better.

Men’s Section

This section has lots of hats, clothes, water bottles, and accessories.  A few that might be of interest to men include the Alpine Swiss Mens Leather Wallet $9.99.  If you have a Marvel fan at home, then the Captain America Men’s T-Shirt for $8.80 may be a good deal.

amazon 10 under womens
amazon 10 and under mens

Other Sections

The electronics section seems to mainly have phone covers, earbuds, and other phone accessories.  The gifts section has makeup brushes, trinkets, watches, and other fun items.

Home decor had some really cool pillows.  I like the Home Textiles Art 18 X 18 Inch Cotton Linen Retro dragonfly throw pillow for $1.45.  Not sure of the quality but the image is very nice.  The home decor section had other cute items to accessorize your home.  Household had more practical home items like cleaners, light bulbs, and tape.

The watches section had inexpensive kids watches as well as watch band replacements. If you are looking for an inexpensive fun watch, this is the place to go.

The final section was Valentine’s, but this will most likely change each season to represent what is going on at the time.  Here we find everything from cards to t-shirts, jewelry, pillows, phone cases, lighting and nail polish.  All fun little things to give your valentine.

Why the launch?

It’s not clear why Amazon has launched the new section and why it has not been formally announced.  It could be part of an effort to take on budget shopping apps like Wish, which has become a big hit with online shoppers.

Amazon’s new shopping section has its own web page. It is also included as part of the latest Amazon app update for iOS and Android. Check the “All Programs” section in the app’s main navigation.

Overall, I think this is a fun area where you could find inexpensive items.  Some may not be the best quality, but who knows you may find something that you really love.  Just check out the reviews and know that you can return it if it is not what you hoped.  I am going to keep an eye on this area to see how it grows.  If this is a way to compete with Wish and other budget apps/sites then the selection will need to expand.  It is a site I will check periodically for deals. Have fun shopping!

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