Remember when stores like Sears and Toys R Us sent out catalogs to get everyone excited about the holidays?  With those stores struggling or gone, it looked like no one was going to step up and fill in the void.  Then one day I opened my mailbox and imagine my surprise to see the Amazon holiday toy catalog just waiting for me. It is actually a clever marketing plan and has some cool gift ideas.

Amazon Holiday Toy Catalog

Many of us enjoy the benefits of being an Amazon Prime member.  From fast shipping, quick orders with Alexa, movies, music and so much more Amazon tries to anticipate our needs.  So it kind of makes sense that they would try to extend the holiday sales by bringing ideas right to our mailbox.

What’s inside

Amazon is shipping a 68-page printed catalog to millions of American households in November to get us all geared up for the holiday season.

The catalog is called “A Holiday of Play,” and includes QR codes for featured toys. You can scan the QR codes to learn more about the toys and place orders.  Even if you don’t get the physical catalog in the mail, a downloadable PDF version is available now. In the PDF version, every toy image in the catalog is a clickable link that goes directly to the Amazon product page.  This ensures you get instant shopping gratification.

The catalog has a nice variety of toys with a range of price points to meet all budgets.  Whether you want a dancing Mickey Mouse, Cozmo the robot, Barbie’s DreamHouse or even a Nintendo Switch they have you covered.  I like that they had plenty of electronic toys and more traditional ones like LEGOs and Hot Wheels.  If you are looking for ideas or know exactly what you want, the catalog is useful.  I like seeing what the hottest toys are for the season.

Amazon holiday toy catalog

Traditional Retailer

Amazon seems to be taking steps in a more traditional direction. They are embracing the advantages provided by physical retail locations with the opening of a bookstore and their Amazon Go no-pay grocery markets. Add to that their integration into existing Whole Foods locations and Amazon is starting to look more like a traditional retailer. Adding this physical catalog is an additional marketing strategy to get customers to engage more with them and of course, spend more money. So make sure to check your mailbox to see if you get the new Amazon holiday toy catalog.  My guess is Prime members will probably get them first.


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