Amazon’s annual hardware show took place Thursday in Seattle, where the company took the opportunity to show a total of ten new devices in under an hour. Amazon new products included everything from Alexa-powered microwaves to amplifiers and more.

Amazon New Products

There were lots of changes in the echo dot product line. This included the new echo dot 3.0 and the entry level echo input.  Amazon also talked about a new smart plug, an echo wall clock and the product everyone was curious about the Alexa-enabled microwave.  Here is a rundown of the products announced.

Echo Products

Tons of new echo products available, here are a few to note.

Echo Plus – The new Echo Plus has arrived, this time with a built-in smart home hub. At $150 it maintains the same price, but should add compatibility with platforms that haven’t previously been supported by Alexa.

Echo Dot – The new Echo Dot 3.0 is here and it’s $50. It’s been a couple years since Amazon’s most popular Alexa device got a face-lift, so it makes sense to see a new version arriving.

Echo Input – At $35 it is the least expensive and tiniest Echo device and comes as part of Amazon’s plan to compete in multi-room music.

Echo Sub – At $130 it features a 100-watt amp and down-firing 6-inch driver. Users will simply add the sub to Echo speakers using the Alexa app. Stereo pairing of two of the same Echo speakers will also be available.

Echo Auto – At $50 it comes with a dash mount and will boot up very quickly, making Alexa available right away. The device will connect to phones via Wi-Fi so it can communicate with the Cloud and will connect to car stereos via auxiliary cable or Bluetooth. Now you can boss Alexa around from behind the wheel and have an option to Siri or The Google Assistant for voice-based music streaming.

Other Products

Fire TV Recast – Fire TV owners can record broadcast TV on an Alexa-enabled DVR and stream it to their TVs using Fire TV devices and the new Echo Show. Amazon is also touting the Recast’s ability to bring Echo Show-like functionality to any display. The box will apparently offer two tuners and 500 GB of onboard storage. At this point, we know that users will need to connect an antenna and that Amazon has cooked up a familiar-looking on-screen programming guide to help users find and set recording times for their favorite shows. Priced at $230.

Amazon Basics Microwave – The new $60 microwave has an “Ask Alexa” button and Dash replenishment button so you can instantly order more of your favorite snacks and start asking Alexa to make you your favorite treats.

These are just some of the great new product announced.  Many are not available yet but will be soon.

Amazon New Products Launch

Lots of Competition

Amazon is trying to stay ahead of the competition with these new product launches.  Apple and other competitors are introducing their products in an effort to take a piece of Amazon’s pie.  The good thing about competition, is we get to see some cool new products.  I am curious about the microwave.  I like the idea of Alexa making me snacks.


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