Calla lilies are unique with their delicate fluted blooms and variety of colors.  They are relatively easy to grow and look great in bouquets.  I have one calla lily in my garden that is a burgundy pink color.  It is doing quite well and adds texture and a nice pop of color to my garden.

Calla Lily Facts

They are a tropical bulb native to South Africa.  If you live in a colder area, the bulb needs to be dug up at season’s end to protect it from frost.  I live in a warm area and just leave the bulb in the ground each winter. They are winter hardy in zones 8-10.

Calla lilies like partial shade and don’t want to be in the harsh sun.  I have a lot of sun in my garden but have this plant near a tall bush that gives it some shade.  It seems to like this arrangement.  They do like water, especially in the summer heat.

Plants can grow 1-2 feet tall and will sometimes flop over.  If they do, just tie the plant and anchor it to a stake or another bush nearby. One bulb can produce 10-20 flowers and they bloom during the summer.  That is a nice feature since a lot of the other flowers in my garden do not bloom in the heat.  Give them a little fertilizer to keep them blooming regularly.

calla lily plant
calla lily up close

I actually got this plant on clearance from Walmart’s garden section.  It was really rough looking, but I spent a few dollars on it as I knew how pretty they are when healthy.  It was a great investment.

Plant Care

I love how vivid the color is on the flower and that the leaves are green with some white on them.  It really brightens up that area of the garden.  Another great feature is deer and rabbits don’t particularly like the taste of the plant so it should be safe.  If you have read my other posts, you know I have a criminal chipmunk that eats all my flowers.  He doesn’t eat the calla lily, so that is a huge benefit to me.

Calla lilies are easy to grow and come in a wide variety of colors.  They are a great addition to the garden and produce a lot of flowers to use in bouquets.  I love my plant and will be getting more for the garden. This time of year Walmart and other places will clearance some flowers so it is a good time to buy.

Average Cost:

$10-20 for a 1-gallon plant

You can also buy bulbs but they are also in this range.

Where to buy:

Walmart, Home Depot, Pike or local nurseries.  You can also buy online from various sites including Amazon.

Savvy Tip:

Check Walmart’s garden section in July as they will clearance many plants, especially if they get wilted.  Most plants are hearty, and with a little water and fertilizer, you can perk them right up.  I purchased my Calla Lily on clearance and it was only a few dollars.  They come back each year so it is a good investment.

If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly,

our whole life would change

– Buddha