There are so many fun things to do in Atlanta and many sites are within walking distance of each other. The World of Coke, GA Aquarium, CNN Center, College Football Hall of Fame and the Center for Civil Rights are all short walks from each other.  This is convenient if you want to see many top sites at once.  The National Center for Civil and Human Rights is right beside the World of Coke and is a good place to learn the history of civil rights as well as hear inspiring speeches.

About The Center for Civil Rights

The Center is located at 100 Ivan Allen Jr. Blvd in downtown Atlanta between the Georgia Aquarium and the World of Coca-Cola.  It is a very pretty area with lots of green space between sites to sit and enjoy the view.

The mission of The National Center for Civil and Human Rights is to empower people to take the protection of every human’s rights personally. Established in 2007, the Center shares stories to encourage visitors to gain a deeper understanding of the role they play in helping to protect the rights of all people.

I like the approach they take to connect the American Civil Rights Movement to today’s Global Human Rights Movements.  They do this with individual galleries that engage visitors through powerful imagery, artifacts, and storytelling.


There are many exhibits to see at the Center.  They do have permanent, temporary and traveling displays so it is always good to check their site to see what is going on when you will visit.

Live the Legacy (temporary)

This exhibit is a collection of photographs that are a broad exploration of the processes, problems, and benefits derived from non-violent demonstration as taught and practiced by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. These moments in time are from 1968 to the present day.

I have so much respect for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr and enjoyed this and other exhibits that showed his speeches.  It is wonderful to hear his positive message and his open-minded approach to rights of all races and genders.  He was truly an inspiring man.  All of the exhibits with his works were very positive and uplifting.

American Civil Rights Movement

This is an area with large screens depicting the fight for equality in The American Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and 1960s. Visitors experience the sights, sounds and displays depicting the struggles of individuals working to transform the United States.

The Human Rights Movement 

This gallery enables visitors to make connections to the world of human rights.  Features include interactive technology intended for all audiences to help visitors gain a deeper understanding of human rights and how they affect the lives of every person.

Voice To the Voiceless

The Martin Luther King, Jr. Collection gallery features a rotating exhibition of items from The Morehouse College Collection, where visitors can view the personal papers and items of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  It is really interesting to see all the historical items displayed.

Other Displays

The Center periodically has traveling and other special displays.  The latest being Sports for Change featuring how athletes use their celebrity for social justice.  You can check their site to see which displays are running at which times.

Civil Rights museum mural
Human rights defenders wall

Overall Impressions

I enjoyed hearing the speeches of Martin Luther King Jr. as he was such an inspiring man.  You could hear audio recordings and see videos of him speaking.  That was my favorite part.  The museum itself is pretty, but it was not very interactive.  I believe they are working on updates so it should get better in that area.

The areas that showcased women were good, but I wish there was more.  I would have liked more attention to women’s rights as well as those of all races, age, gender etc.  Human rights, in my opinion, covers everyone on the planet.  I wanted to learn much more about the current human rights efforts for women’s education and empowerment all over the world, the plight of child slavery and what efforts are being done as well as learned about other races like American Indians who have been and are still treated very poorly in this country.

They are trying to expand the human rights aspect so I hope they do bring in more cultures like American Indians. The center is interesting and worth a visit if you are going to the other sites nearby like the World of Coke.

The time is always right to do what is right

– Martin Luther King Jr.

Rating (3.5 stars):

Pros: great speeches and historical information

Cons: not very interactive

Priority: Medium – good for education and information

Cost: $20

Savvy Tip: Get a City Pass to save money and you can walk to the Aquarium and World of Coke.

Website: Center Civil Rights