Great tasting water is important to us all, so we need to regularly change our refrigerator water filter. The process is pretty easy and took me less than 15 minutes.  While I was changing the water filter, I went ahead and changed the air filter at the same time.  Now my fridge is set and my water tastes great.

Removing the water filter

Each refrigerator is different, but it is usually easy to locate the water filter holder.  Mine is in the upper left-hand corner of my fridge and very easy to access.  To open it you press gently on the side and pull down.

The filter will take a little more effort to remove.  I pulled down on the filter and it came halfway down.  This was not enough to remove it.  I had to pull down even more and then I was able to pull the filter straight out.  The back of the box on your new replacement filter should give you specific instructions for your fridge.  I have done this on several refrigerators and the process is very similar.

The steps for most filters are:

  1. Locate the filter holder in your fridge.
  2. Press the side of the holder and pull down to open it.
  3. Read the instructions on the back of the new filter box.
  4. In most cases, pull down on the filter and then pull it straight out.
  5. A little water may leak out during the process.
water filter holder
empty water filter holder
removing old filter
replacement filter

Replacing the filter

Review the instructions on the box for your filter first.  Mine was very straightforward.  I made sure the O-rings were present on the filter and were secure.  My rings were black and looked like washers.  The instructions told me to moisten the rings then insert, which I did.  I inserted it and pushed until it would not go any further.  Next, you push straight up and it locks into place. I replaced the outer cover and was done.

The steps for replacement are:

  1. Read the instructions on the back of the box that came with your replacement filter.
  2. If your filter has O-rings make sure they are present and in place.  Moisten if your instructions require that.
  3. Insert the filter into the opening.
  4. Push up firmly until it locks into place
  5. Replace outer cover.

Flushing water through the filter

Now that you have your new water filter in place, close the refrigerator door and get a large container.  It is recommended to flush water through the filter before drinking.  My instructions indicated 2.5 gallons needed to be flushed before use.  I just filled a water pitcher up several times.  Next, I let the ice cube maker run and then threw out those cubes.  I do this to ensure the new cubes are made with fresh water.

inserting filter
closed filter holder

Don’t forget your air filter

If your fridge also has an air filter, now is a good time to replace it.  I like to do both at once so it is done and I don’t have to worry about it.  Locate where the air filter is in your fridge.  In mine, it is at the top middle and easy to access.  I will say it was tough getting the cover off.  I had to turn left with force to get it open.  Once open, I popped out the old filter and put in the new one.  I replaced the cover and that was it.

Steps for changing the air filter:

  1. Locate the air filter in your fridge.
  2. Follow the instructions on the back of the box that came with your new filter.  Mine required me to turn left with force.
  3. The filter was inside the cover, so I removed it and popped a new one in.
  4. Line the cover up and turn in the proper direction to tighten.  I turned mine to the right.
air filter
old air filter

Now that you have your water filter and air filter replaced, your fridge is in good shape.  I usually take the time to clean the fridge and put in a box of baking soda.  This way I know my refrigerator will be fine for several months.  The air filter and baking soda combo keep it smelling good.

Hopefully, these steps helped you with your refrigerator project.  I will be posting more how to’s on other subjects to help keep us all organized.

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Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot. You can also buy online from various sites including the manufacturer.

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Buying a 2 pack is sometimes more cost effective.  It is also convenient to have one on hand for your next change.

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