Everyone loves bacon, right?  What about combining the hearty flavor of bacon with decadent chocolate?  That is exactly what Chuao Chocolatiers has done to create their new baconluxious chocolate.  A match made in heaven!

You may not know a lot about Chuao (chew-wow), but they have a very interesting story.  They are the first Venezuelan chocolatier based in the United States.  They are located in Southern California.  The company was founded in 2002 by Chef Michael Antonorsi and his brother.  Their mission is to share joy with the world through deliciously engaging chocolate experiences.  Well, that is quite an ambitious mission and one I am glad they took on.

The company is named after the legendary cacao-producing region of Chuao located in central Venezuela. The choice was a reflection of their commitment to quality and to their Venezuelan family heritage.  Creative flavor experiences are at the heart of Chuao’s decadent chocolate experience.

Unwrapping Baconluxious Joy

I was very excited to try the baconluxious chocolate, as those are two of my favorite things.  I knew it would be fabulous based on what I read.  The packaging is very colorful and the description on the package indicates “delicate maple sweetness, a sprinkle of bonfire smoked sea salt and crispy, uncured bacon in milk chocolate”.  Wow, that is a lot packed into one 2.8 oz chocolate bar.  I couldn’t wait to dig in.

For the purpose of this review, I restrained myself from just tearing into the bar and actually opened it neatly. 😉 Immediately upon opening the package, I could smell the maple and it was wonderful. On each square of the bar, there were words like “wow, giggle, savor and joy”.  I thought that was a fun creative touch.

After breaking off some chocolate, I looked at the side of it.  I don’t know what I was expecting maybe chunks of bacon?  One can only dream. It looked like regular chocolate all around.  The taste was very unique.  I tasted the bacon and maple immediately and then the smoky flavor.  It was a creative combination and one I enjoyed.  It was rich so you might not want to eat it all in one sitting….or feel free to.  Who am I to judge?

baconluxious bar
side view baconluxious

Overall I liked the flavor.  I could tell the chocolate was rich and high quality.  I enjoyed the maple and bacon. The texture was a little crunchy which I did not expect but enjoyed. The crunch was little bits of bacon which is cool.  I am not sure about the smoky flavor as it had a little aftertaste, but it was pleasant.  It could just be my unsophisticated palette as I am used to eating regular milk chocolate candy.

Decadence Delivered

I really like what Chuao is doing.  I love the creativity in flavors like strawberry waffle and ravishing rocky road.  They also have truffles and bonbons to appeal to all tastes.  The most important positive aspect I found was that the bars are Fair Trade Certified and non-GMO.  They are created with ethically sourced cacao, gluten-free and free of artificial ingredients.  All of those are very important points and make me think very positively of the company and the owners.

Chuao chocolatier has also expanded their menu to include drinking chocolate and espresso beverages, gelatos and seasonal creations.  You can discover Chuao’s creations at retail locations such as CVS, Target, Whole Foods, Amazon, and Cost Plus World Market.

I recommend trying Chuao chocolate if you are looking for a unique combination of ingredients and a rich decadent experience.  You are bound to be happy with their wide selection of products and great taste. If you like honey, check out my review of their Honeycomb bar. Excuse me now while I go enjoy some more delicious chocolate!

Average Cost:

$4.99 – Lowest price found at Target.

Where to buy:

Walmart,Target, CVS, Whole foods.  You can also buy online from various sites including Amazon.


 Everything does taste better with bacon!

Rating (4 stars):

Pros: Rich unique decadent taste, positive ethical company, high quality, non-GMO, gluten-free

Cons: Very slight smoky aftertaste

Priority: High – definitely should try

Savvy Tip: You can purchase at CVS and earn rewards points

Website: http://chuaochocolatier.com/

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