The College Football Hall of Fame is a modern engaging experience that immerses you in all aspects of college football. You can sing your school’s fight song, view interactive displays and even visit the College Football Game Day set.  It is so much fun and one of the most unique things you can do in downtown Atlanta. Even if you don’t like college football, you will have fun here as there is so much to do.

About the College Football Hall of Fame

In 2014 the Hall of fame opened in Atlanta. It is a 95,000 square foot state-of-the-art tribute to players and coaches. This includes a 45-yard indoor football field where you can play the game, kick a field goal and more.

The hall is three floors, five themed galleries, and more than 50 engaging and interactive exhibits. They cover everything from the history of college football, tailgating, team spirit, rivalries, coaches, key players and more.  Anything you wanted to learn about regarding college football is covered here.

The Quad

You head through the tunnel to get to the hall of fame and enter the Quad.  You will get an all-access pass to use throughout the hall.  Head to a screen and put in your name and email so all the events of the day, including images, will be sent to you.  You pick your favorite team, of course mine was Georgia Tech, and look to the left.  You can’t miss the massive 3-foot wall of football helmets.  When you walk up to the wall, the helmet of the team you chose will light up so you can see your school.  Very cool.

The all-access pass automatically triggers displays when you walk up and customizes the information to your school.  That makes it an extremely personalized and modern experience.

College football helmet wall

Indoor playing field

On the lower level once you leave the quad you can go to the indoor playing field.  It is huge.  Here you can run through touchstone tunnel and go to the Chick fil A Peach Bowl skill zone. You can go through an obstacle course, kick a field goal or throw like a quarterback.

It is always action packed here and you see a lot of kids having fun in this area.  You definitely feel like you are on a football field.

Game Day Theater

This is very cool and something you should definitely see.  It is a massive screen that makes you feel like you are part of the action.  The movie is The Game of Your Life and it is so much fun. This is a 4k feature film in ultra high definition that makes you feel you are part of the game.

It is definitely action packed and motivational.  When you get out of the movie you are pumped to see your team and learn more about the game.

Coca-Cola Fans Game Day

Right after the movie, you walk into the Fans area. There is a gallery with interactive screens and actual memorabilia from teams.  There is also a Coaches Corner to learn about all the well-known coaches.

I went to the team spirit area and sang the fight song for my school.  It is so much fun as they make a video of you singing and it is saved on a site for you to access later with your all-access pass. You can also show your school pride with digital face painting.   Everything you do is saved for you to access later with your pass.

If that wasn’t fun enough, then you get to do something very cool.  You can sit on the College Game Day set with Rece Davis and Desmond Howard.  First, you sit on two stools and then Rece and Desmond are added to the picture automatically.  You then have to make a prediction on who will win the game.  Since my team was Georgia Tech I had to choose who would win between Georgia Tech and Clemson.  Of course, I picked Ga Tech.  It was so much fun as you get a cue as to when it is your turn to talk just like if you were on TV. How many attractions let you be a movie star? So fun.

After you are done, you can view the video on a screen and also have access to it with your all-access pass.  We had so much fun being on the Game Day set!  This was my absolute favorite part of the day.

Kia Performance Center

This area is where you can go to interactive displays and hear your favorite players talk.  Also, your all-access pass will cause the display to customize to a player from your team if one is available.  You get to interact with football legends and coaches here.

The Under Armor evolution of equipment is here and it shows how much football equipment has changed.  In the old days, they barely wore any padding and the helmets were made of leather.  I bet there were a lot more injuries.  It was interesting to see the latest technologies used to protect players.

college football playing field
coaches corner
school traditions
Game Day Set

Hall of Fame

It is a great honor to be inducted into the college football hall of fame.  In the Hall, you can go to interactive displays to learn about the players.  There are 10 separate augmented reality displays that cover in-depth stories and videos on the players.

We enjoyed going through the displays and seeing if we recognized the names of the players.  They break it out by year so you can easily find your favorite player that is in the hall of fame.

Why we love football

This is a 52-foot touch-screen wall showcasing football legends. You get to learn about players and other topics like the Heisman trophy.  Different schools and awards are covered.  It was fun learning about the history of college football.

One thing I will point out is there is so much to do you really lose track of time.  We were in there for hours and could have stayed longer.

So much more

I really only touched on some of the things to do.  There were various areas that had movies showing historic games as well as amazing plays.  It was fun seeing how teams pulled out a win at the last minute.

There were areas you could go in and call plays.  You could see how the coaches strategize and watch how games played out.  There were also interactive screens where coaches teach you about different types of gameplay from option football to trick plays.

Atlanta has so many attractions that are fun so I think people might overlook the College Football Hall of Fame.  Even if you are busy on your visit, I would recommend going.  It is right by CNN Center, Centennial Park, World of Coca-Cola and the GA Aquarium, so get a City Pass and see all of them.  It is easy walking between the attractions.  I enjoy Coke and the Aquarium they are fun, but my favorite this last visit was definitely the hall of fame.  It is so modern and interactive that we completely lost track of time.  That says a lot about it as an attraction.  I will be going back soon.

Well, since we are speaking of team spirit I must say…

Go Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets!!

Rating (5 stars):

Pros: Unique extremely engaging experience, fun, entertaining

Cons: Parking can be tough

Priority: High – very modern interactive experience

Cost: $21.99 adults cheaper if you get a City Pass. Several other attractions are within walking distance.

Savvy Tip: Watch The Game of Your Life movie in ultra HD to get you pumped up for the game.

Website: College Football HOF