The Crayola Experience in Orlando, Florida is a lot of fun for the family. We got to learn how crayons are made, see your designs come to life on the big screen and go to different interactive areas to create your own art. There is so much to do and it’s great for all ages.  I had as much fun as my nephew.

About the Crayola Experience

The Crayola Experience is where the magic of Crayola comes to life. They can be found in Orlando, Florida, Plano, TX, Minneapolis, MN and Easton, PA.  We went to the Orlando location and had a blast.

There is 70,000 square feet of fun on 2 floors. Families typically spend 3-4 hours exploring the 26 hands-on attractions. There are so many things to do besides just coloring. You can name and wrap your own crayons, go on 4-D coloring adventures and create drip art.


There are many attractions at the Crayola Experience.  The Activity Studio is where you cut, color and paste designs that include rock stars and superheroes. Adventure Lab is new and lets you use a magic tablet to solve puzzles.  There are 26 activities, so I will mention the ones we enjoyed the most.

Art Alive

Create digital works of art and project them onto the wall to become part of a bigger scene. Walk up and touch your drawing to bring it to life. We made our butterfly come to life and it was very cool.

Be a Star

You can appear in your very own coloring page along with some of Crayola’s characters. It’s like a real photo booth. First, you make your own coloring page by selecting a design, pushing a button, and posing.  Then you are on the page. You can print it and color it.  This makes it personalized and special.

Crayola Experience front
Art Alive
Be a Star

More Attractions

There were so many fun things to do.  Here are a few more of my top ones. The Color Magic was a favorite as I got to take a selfie with my image and they email it to you.

Color Magic

I really liked this one.  In this augmented reality experience you can actually see your coloring page come alive. Virtually control the image you just colored as it comes to life. See it play in a background of your choosing and then take a selfie with it.

Crayon Factory

Join Scarlet & Turk (Turquoise), animated crayon friends, as they show you how crayons are made. This is a live theatre show with a crayon specialist. Learn why Crayola crayons are so special as well as discover some little-known facts about them.  I had no idea how crayons were made, so I found this interesting.  They give you a crayon on the way out.

Drip Art

Load a fresh crayon into the Drip Art machine and watch it melt and drip crayon wax onto your paper as it spins to create a  masterpiece.  We had fun deciding which colors would blend together the best.  You can take your work home with you.

Melt & Mold

This was another fun one as you can create things like rings, shark, or a seahorse souvenir out of crayon wax.  You load your favorite crayon color into the machine, pick a design and watch your crayon melt into a fun keepsake.  I did the seahorse and it was very cute.

Rockin’ Paper

We had a blast making our designs and watching them dance on stage.  You pick a paper design, color it and then you take it to the stage. They add clips to them that must be magnetized. Then your craft is put center stage to dance in the spotlight.  Watch as your personalized paper creation turns, bops and rocks to the music. It’s a new show every time with upbeat music.  My nephew loved the lights and sounds.

Wrap it Up

When you first come in you are given a souvenir bag and there is a free token in it.  You can use the token in various areas.  We used ours here.  You choose from crayon colors like Cornflower, Atomic Tangerine, Purple Mountain’s Majesty, and Shocking Pink. Then you name your crayon. You can personalize and print an authentic Crayola crayon label, wrap it around your crayon, and create your own unique Crayola crayon.  This way you leave with your own crayon to remember your day.

Those are only a few of the many attractions.  My nephew loved Toddler town where he played with pegs on a wall and throwing balls. You Design was cool as you create a clothing design, scan it and digitally see your model wear it on a runway on big screens.  It is very interactive and personalized.

Color Magic
Rockin Paper
Crayon Factory
Wrap it up

Final thoughts

I really had fun doing so many creative activities. It took us about 4 hrs to get through them all. There was something for everyone, but most of it does require sitting down and designing.  That is sometimes harder for toddlers like my nephew.  He enjoyed the play areas but is not into coloring. When you leave there is a cool store with all kinds of things like activity kits, crayon packs, t-shirts, mugs and more.  We liked going through them and taking a piece of Crayola with us.

Overall, we really enjoyed ourselves.  I went with a bunch of people of all ages.  We each found something we enjoyed about it.  I think the best part is it is interactive and digital.  You can see your personal creation come to life in front of you which makes it very personalized.  I would recommend going and will go back again.

Creativity is contagious, pass it on

– Albert Einstein

Rating (4 stars):

Pros: Lots to do, very creative and interactive, nice gift shop

Cons: not as much for toddlers to do

Priority: Medium – family fun and creativity

Cost: $22.99

Savvy Tip: Discount if you buy online $19.99 per ticket right now

Website: Crayola Experience