Derma-E cleansing water is a multi-tasking product.  The Vitamin C water dissolves makeup while improving skin’s texture and promoting healthy collagen.  The micellar technology in the product lifts off the dirt while the anti-aging probiotics and antioxidant-rich Rooibos helps skin appear brighter.  That’s a lot of work for one product.

Using Derma-E Cleansing Water

It’s pretty straightforward to use. I put some of the cleansing water on a cotton pad and wipe my face and neck.  There is no need to rinse it off which I found very convenient.  The first thing I noticed is how well it removed my makeup.  It took little effort and my skin felt clean.

After using it a few times I did notice my skin looking a little brighter.  It also is really gentle on my skin.  I was worried it might be harsh, but it wasn’t.

2017 Natural Beauty Award for Derma-E

I read a lot of reviews for the product and was surprised to see so many positive ones.  Usually with these products, the ratings are a mix.  People seem to be satisfied with this product so that encouraged me to try it.

It appears to be helpful to people with sensitive skin and acne prone skin.  I don’t have either of those problems, but I did find it gave me a deeper clean to help my pores.

When I saw that this product had won the 2017 Better Nutrition best of natural beauty award, that made me feel good about it.  I love natural beauty products and was happy to see this one on the list.

My thoughts on Derma-E

Overall, I am happy with the product.  It definitely gives me a deep clean and removes all my makeup.  I love that I don’t have to rinse it off.  My skin is also looking slightly brighter.  I am not sure that I see my skin as refreshed like they claim, but it does look better.

I think this is a good product and worth trying, but wish the price was a bit lower.  That is the main thing I think might discourage people from trying it.  The cost is $12.95 on their site but I do see it lower on some of the health sites like Luckyvitamin and Vitaminlife.

I will continue using the product and see if my skin gets visibly better.  If it does, then that may justify the price.   If you can find a good deal on it, it is worth trying.

Average Cost:


Lowest price found at Vitacost.

Where to buy:

Most beauty and vitamin stores as well as Amazon.


Keep calm and love your skin


Rating (4 stars):

Pros: High quality, brightens skin, good cleansing

Cons: Price is a little high

Priority: Medium – good for sensitive skin

Savvy Tip: Check vitamin stores online for lowest prices


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