We all want healthy glowing skin and facial serums are a great way to get it. I love finding natural products that produce great results. Dr Roebucks serum is made with minimal ingredients and provides maximum results.  I got a chance to try their serum and really liked how it made my skin feel.

About Dr Roebucks

Dr. Roebucks serum was created by Kim and Zoe who are sisters.  Their parents were doctors that created a one-of-a-kind formula by removing ingredients instead of adding them.  The sisters perfected it over the last 30 years and created a range of clean skin care products to share with the world. To honor their parents, they called it Dr Roebuck’s.

They continue to test, analyze and create to bring clean, effective, multi-benefit skincare that works for everyone.

The Difference

What makes Dr. Roebuck’s products different is that they are deep-rooted in family heritage.  They take pride in creating high-quality products that really work.  Their products have minimal ingredients that provide maximum results.  These Australian products are vegan and cruelty-free.

The Products

They have many products to choose from including cleansers, masks, moisturizers, and serums.  They have unique Australian beach names like Surf Chaser which is an anti-aging serum and Perky which boosts collagen.  I love the creativity of the company.

I got my serum and when I opened the package was impressed that the label had my name on it.  It was a special touch and makes you feel like they care about you as a customer.  It says “Made with love” and then your name.  Under that is a list of the ingredients.  My bottle contained 2 ingredients: calendula and myramaze.  How simple and clean is that?

My serum was focused on anti-aging and came in a dark glass bottle with a stopper.  The consistency was somewhat thick and it went on smooth.  You don’t have to use a lot to cover your face.  I liked how moisturized my skin felt after application.  The product is mild and gentle with no side effects.  I really liked the feel of it on my skin.

Dr Roebucks serum

Final thoughts

Overall, I was pleased with the serum.  I didn’t see any major improvements in my skin, but it did feel softer and more moisturized which is great. I will keep using it and see what results I gain over time. Dr. Roebuck’s serum stands out to me mainly due to the high-quality ingredients.  You feel confident that you are not putting a lot of harsh chemicals on your skin. I enjoyed the personalized label with my name on it.  Very nice touch.  It is worth giving their products a try if you are looking for a more natural solution.

Be your own kind of beautiful

Rating (4 stars):

Pros: minimal high-quality ingredients

Cons: price is a tad high

Priority: Medium – natural and high-quality ingredients

Cost: $60

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Website: Dr Roebucks