It is April in Georgia so that means warm weather and lots of rain.  My garden is starting to look very bright and happy.  The first flowers that have really taken off are the Knock Out roses.  For those of you that don’t know, Knock Out roses are amazing.  They are easy to grow and require very little care.  Another benefit is that they are disease resistant which is a big plus with roses.  Their bloom cycle is about every five to six weeks which makes my garden constantly full of pretty flowers.

Care of Roses

Knock Out roses are self-cleaning so there is no reason to deadhead them.  You really just plant them give them some food and water and they take off. I use the time release fertilizer and they love it.

They are hardy up to Zone 5 but do need some protection in the winter.  I usually just cut mine back a lot in the winter and they take off growing as soon as the weather gets warm.   One thing to note is they will grow really tall very fast and then the weight of the flowers makes them fall over.  When this happens that is usually when I cut them to put in a vase.

They will sometimes have multiple flowers on one tiny stem.  The stem usually can’t hold the weight so they are ideal for cutting at that stage.  It makes for a spectacular display in the house.

bright pink rose
three roses

I do have to prune them as they grow very quickly.  If unpruned they can grow up to three to four feet wide and tall.  They also have very sharp and painful thorns.  I have made the mistake of not wearing gloves with them before and my hands paid the price.

Variety of Roses

The roses are spread out around my garden and bring in so much color compared to other flowers.  They also have different varieties.  You can see the petal shape is different on many of them.  Some appear much fancier.

I have the Knock Out rose and the double Knock Out rose varieties in my garden.  They come in the standard color, pink color and I have heard there is a rainbow and Sunny Knock Out rose.  I have not seen all the colors but am always keeping an eye out when I go to Home Depot.

They are amazing but I have heard from neighbors that they can get a fungus.  I have not experienced this but I do have a problem with bugs eating the leaves.  I know that is part of nature and don’t worry about it too much as I am not a big fan of using a lot of chemicals on plants.  Most of the time the bugs eat some of the leaves then move on.

I don’t want to leave out the other roses in my garden.  I have wild roses which are also very hardy.  They are not as tough as Knock Out roses but they don’t need a lot of babying.  Well…I don’t baby them.

I have a red and pink wild rose plant. They are very tiny and delicate. I love the intricate detail in the petals.  Here are new red ones.   The pink has not bloomed yet.

bunch of roses
red wild roses

As you can see, I love my garden and all the beautiful plants.  The roses are the first to emerge, but I have plenty of other unique plants and flowers.  Coming up soon will be the calla lily, balloon flower, and the butterfly bushes.  I can’t wait!

“In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous.”

– Aristotle


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