We all love shopping online.  What makes the experience better, is finding the best online coupons that save us the most money.  There are countless sites you can go to for online coupons.  I compiled some of my favorites and how I use them.

Online Coupons

When I am shopping online, immediately before checking out I go to the following sites to find coupon codes.  I am looking for percent off and free shipping.  Those are critical.  I also look for things like a free gift with purchase and other promos.  Free shipping is a big plus to me when purchasing online.

RetailMeNot is my favorite by far.  I use this site for everything from clothes and food to things like registering a domain name and getting hosting service.  RetailMeNot has it all.  There are online codes, in-store codes, free shipping and more.  They even run sweepstakes so you can win things.  Who could ask for more?  If you choose only one online coupon site, this is the best pick.

MyCoupons is another good site.  This site is similar to RetailMeNot and has over 100,000 active coupons.  That is impressive.  I have had good luck with this site as well.  I noticed that sometimes deals are a tiny bit slower getting on this site than on RetailMeNot, but it is not a big deal.  This is a very good site to check regularly.

Brad’s Deals is the third on my list.  This site is smaller than the other two so you may not find all the best deals.  I still check it as a backup to the other two.   You never know when a gem may show up here that is not on the other sites.

Once I check all three of these sites, I feel confident that I am getting a great deal.  My favorite store to check out on them is Kohls.  As a Kohls card member, you can get free shipping coupons from these sites and also find the highest percentage off that is being offered at the time.

There are many other coupon sites that you can find by doing a search. In addition to getting coupon codes from them, you can register with some of them for Cash Back.  What this entails is going to their site first, clicking through to the retailer, and making a purchase at that retailer.  You have to spend a certain amount and meet the requirements they designate.  Once they confirm your purchase, up to 30 days for some, you get cash back. This can be in different forms like PayPal etc.

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Other Popular Sites*

In addition to regular online coupon sites, there are some that you can join for all kinds of deals. Cash back sites are very popular right now and offer much more than coupons.  One thing they have in common is they require you to go to their site first, then click through to the retailer to make a purchase. Once you do, you get credit for your purchase on their site.  As I mentioned you can do this on some of the coupon sites, but there are other cash back sites which are much bigger and offer more.

Here are a few other sites that are definitely worth checking out:

  • Groupon is very well-known by most people.  I have found great deals when traveling on shows, dinners and so much more from Groupon.  They have an app that makes it easy to use wherever you go.  Make sure to check them before going to an event or traveling to get the best deals. You can sign up here
  • Ebates is one of the bigger cashback sites and very well liked.  They have coupons on the site for you to use. If you click through to a retailer from their site and make a qualified purchase, you earn cash back.  They have over 2,000 stores available and it is easy to use. They offer a signup bonus for new members.  It is usually a $10 GC or Ebates cash bonus.  You can sign up here
  • MyPoints is another cashback site where you earn points.  They have coupons and just like Ebates if you click through to the retailer from their site and make a purchase, you earn points.  You can also earn points by taking surveys and doing other activities. The points can be cashed in for GCs and other items.  You can sign up here

The topic of online coupons and cash back is a broad one.  I have only touched on a few of the many sites where you can find online coupons and deals.  The good thing about the sites I have listed is they are reliable and cover most of the major retailers.  They are a good place to start on your quest for the best online deals.  Happy shopping!

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