I love protein bars as my on the go snack and they are often my breakfast. The problem is that most of them don’t taste good.  No one likes that gritty aftertaste. Fit Crunch protein bars taste great, have 30 g of protein and are my new favorite protein bars.

About Fit Crunch

Chef Robert Irvine created Fit Crunch in 2013 with the goal of delivering something good for you without compromising great taste. Robert believed that with hard work, dedication and inventiveness that he could create food that’s good for you and that’s packed with quality protein.

The protein bars were the start, but now there are snack size bars, brownies and protein powders. So there are a lot of options for any lifestyle. The food is not just for athletes, but for anyone that wants to eat healthier.

What’s in the bar?

Fit Crunch are whey bars that have 4 layers. On top of the soft-baked cookie bar sits a layer of peanut butter, fresh peanuts, peanut butter coating, crunchy protein crisps, chocolatey goodness, and a peanut butter drizzle.  Now that is my kind of bar.

If you don’t like peanut butter, no worries they have other flavors like chocolate chip cookie dough, birthday cake, caramel peanut, cookies and cream and cinnamon twist.  That is a nice selection to cover most people’s cravings.

Nutritional facts

The Fit Crunch whey protein bar has a great crunchy taste and is nutritious. Here are the stats for the full-size peanut butter bar:

380 Calories

30g Protein

6g Sugar

Gluten Free

Another thing to note is that they are very filling.  You can use them to satisfy your afternoon snackfest or even as a meal alternative.  I eat them for breakfast regularly and they keep me full through lunch. I rarely eat the whole bar as I get full fast.

Snacking Plan

If you are like me, you take snacking seriously.  Sometimes I want a smaller size and not the full bar.  That is when I get the Fit Crunch snack bars. I bought the 6 pack but they come in 18 packs and other sizes.

The best place to buy them is Walmart or at walmart.com as the prices are reasonable.  The 6 pack of snack bars at Walmart was $6.72 and the full-size bar was $1.58 which is extremely low compared to other stores and even Amazon.  I was a bit surprised at how much more expensive they are elsewhere.

Nutritional details on the snack bars include:

190 Calories

16 g Protein

3 g Sugar

Gluten free

These are my preferred size.  I like how easy it is to throw them in my purse or bag and they prevent me from eating junk food when I want to snack.

Fit Crunch bars
fit crunch

Final thoughts

I am impressed with Fit Crunch protein bars.  They are the best tasting protein bars that I have tried. I usually eat Pure Protein or Luna Protein bars and they are good, but Fit Crunch tastes better. There is a very slight gritty protein taste but it is minor and does not take away from the overall flavor.  These bars will be a new staple in my house.  I definitely recommend them.

Eat well, live well, be well.

Rating (4.5 stars):

Pros: tasty, good flavors, high in protein, quality ingredients

Cons: slight gritty texture, price is a little high

Priority: Medium – better quality protein bar

Cost: $2-3 ea bar or $7-12 for 6 pack snack bars

Savvy Tip: Walmart in store or online has the lowest prices for the bars.

Website: FitCrunch