Eating healthy and choosing quality products is important to all of us. Reading labels to look for good ingredients and check for allergens is a great way to start improving your diet.  In addition, finding the newest products that meet your specific diet needs is also very helpful.  So how do we keep up on all the new healthy gluten free products?

Gluten Free Expo Events

One way I learned about new products was by attending the Atlanta Gluten Free Expo.  The expo is full of great products and healthy tips to help guide you.  It runs for two days and has different speakers scheduled both days. The speakers cover topics including: how gluten affects your body, how to cook gluten free and healing your inflammation.

In addition to the speakers, the expo is full of vendor booths to learn about new products and try samples.  Most vendors give away a sample, coupons, or both.  Each booth has a sign that indicates if their products are gluten-free, nut free, soy free etc.  That was very helpful to see at a glance if the product was right for you.  There were also presentations and discussions at the booths to give you more information on the products.

gluten free expo hall
bakery on main booth

What’s inside

When you first come in you get a bag with all types of samples and coupons.  Next, you travel down each row and sample lots of interesting products.  I really liked the garlic kale from Rhythm superfoods.  We also tried natural honey covered in chocolate which gave me quite a rush.  There were organic almond butters, spreads, and even gluten-free cupcakes.

Near the back of the hall, we saw that they were offering a free health screening by Cigna.  They checked our blood pressure, blood sugar, weight, height, BMI, and cholesterol.  Once your results were in, you then spoke to a nutritionist who gave you tips on a healthier lifestyle. I really enjoyed speaking to the nutritionist even though I would rather not have shared my weight with her.  She was funny and gave me tips on exercise, hint hint, and said my numbers were all in a healthy range.  It is good to check your numbers each year, so that was a great bonus to get it free.

Variety of brands

As we moved into the middle of the expo there were more cooked products such as gluten free pizza and pasta.  One booth I really enjoyed was the Daiya Foods booth.  Daiya provides dairy free products including cheese, salad dressing and yogurt.  They made grilled cheese snacks on gluten-free tortillas that were excellent.  Both the pepper jack and cheddar cheese tasted just like regular cheese.  I was excited to find them and already found their products at my local Publix.

Another booth we enjoyed was Milton’s as they had great tasting crispy crackers.  I loved their red chili salsa chips as they had a little kick to them.  Their products are gluten-free and non-GMO.  I did not see them in my Publix but they are available at Kroger and Sprouts which is convenient.

There were so many great tasting foods it is hard to list them all.  I did enjoy Udi’s, Sunbutter, Enjoy Life and Vans.  We had fun at the Garden Lites booth as I am picky about vegetables and their products are made of veggies.  They guaranteed I would like their muffins and not think they had a strong veggie taste. No pressure having four people watch you eat their product waiting to see your reaction.  I did enjoy them, especially the chocolate ones.  Their products are gluten, dairy and nut free.

It took several hours to get through the expo.  By the time we were ready to leave we had quite a haul of product samples and coupons.

at the expo
expo goodie bag

Great time

We really enjoyed the expo and learned about a lot of new products.  There are so many great foods that are both allergen and gluten-free.  It is good to see companies that care about their customers and want to provide healthy options.  I am excited to use my coupons and try some other new gluten-free foods.

If you get a chance to go to a gluten-free expo in your city, I would highly recommend it.  You gain so much knowledge and get to actually talk to the companies directly.  They are interested in hearing your opinions, especially if you love their products, as they take great pride in creating healthy foods.  I am so happy we went and look forward to attending more.


Eat Good, Feel Good

Rating (4 stars):

Pros: Fun environment, educational experience, free samples and coupons

Cons: Large crowd

Priority: Medium – great opportunity to hear speakers and learn about healthy products

Cost: $15 adult one-day pass

Savvy Tip: Check out the booth for free health screenings



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