There are many reasons to be grateful each day. It is more than just good manners, showing gratitude can help us in many ways.  Being grateful is more than just saying a quick thank you, it is a way of life. So how do we remain grateful daily in a world full of stress, ego, and negativity? That is the challenge we face, but the good news is that the reward is great.

Living a life of gratitude

Gratitude has an appeal that attracts positive energy to you.  We all have a deep need to feel connected, appreciated and loved. Giving thanks and being thanked is a form of respect and it also connects us socially to others.   When people appreciate the good that they receive, they feel compelled to give back.  This starts a magical cycle of positive energy that benefits us all.

In our busy world where people isolate themselves and focus on their needs, they miss out on the joy that gratitude brings.  Focusing on ourselves does not make us happy, but rather angry and lonely.  When we make an effort to count our blessings and notice the good around us, we change for the better.

How to keep focused

There are many ways to focus on the good and increase our gratitude.  A few include:

Gratitude Journal – record your thoughts each day and reflect on the good that happened in your life.  In our busy lives sometimes we forget the positive things that happen.  A journal is a great way to keep track of them and to go back and look at all the good in our life.

Gratitude Jar – it doesn’t have to be a journal, you can collect positive moments in a jar.  Get small scraps of paper and write down each positive thing that happens to you, for which you are grateful.  Put them in the jar and periodically go through the jar.  You will be amazed at how many wonderful things happen to you over the period of a year.

Reflect on the day – at the end of each day, reflect on all the good things that happened.  Tell the universe, your guide, angels or even your dog about the things for which you are grateful.  Saying it out loud sends a message to the universe that you are truly appreciative and you want more positive things to come your way.  It calms you before you go to bed and probably makes your dog feel pretty good too.

Say Affirmations – this is a great way to stay positive and appreciative.  Find some positive affirmations that reflect your sense of gratitude and say them each morning to start your day off on a positive note.

These are just a few suggestions.  Do whatever feels right to you.  Some people prefer to meditate or spend time in nature to help them reflect on the good.  Those are wonderful ways to relieve stress and appreciate nature.  The important thing is to show gratitude each day.


Benefits of showing gratitude

Making an effort each day to show gratitude changes us for the better.  Here are a few of the many ways gratitude can make our lives and the lives of others better.

Being Happier

Studies have shown that those who follow a practice of gratitude each day are happier.  This makes sense because we all appreciate being shown gratitude.  When someone thanks you for your hard work it makes you feel better and you have a positive impression of the person that thanked you.  These actions spread positive energy to all those around you making everyone happier.  Imagine if everyone did this each day?  The world would be a much happier place.

Boost in energy

Continuing on with the happier discussion, think about how you feel when you are happy.  You feel more energized and more eager to work harder.  You feel that you are appreciated which makes you more optimistic.  All of these things add to your energy level.  You are also surrounding yourself with positive energy which will attract positive people to you.  The more positive energy around you, the better you feel.  It is a great cycle.

Improved health

So now you are happier, have more energy and guess what that does to your health?  You feel healthier and you appreciate your good health.  This encourages you to take better care of yourself and possibly avoid things that are harmful to your health.  Also, saying out loud each night what you are grateful for has a calming effect on you which can help you get a better night’s sleep.

Better Relationships

We now are happier, feel better, and healthier.  All of these things are positive and sending out positive energy to the world.  This means we are attracting positive people and better relationships.  We want to be around people like us, so we seek out other positive people.  This improves our lives and makes us happier.  It is all a cycle of positive energy.

Become a Nicer person

As you move away from being self-absorbed and negative to this new positive way of life, you change as a person.  You now see the good in life, are grateful for it and seek more positive energy.  This makes you a nicer, more positive person and allows you to attract people that are similar.  That makes your life better and also makes it easier to be kind to others.

Keep Gratitude Going

Now that you know the importance of focusing on gratitude and sending out positive energy, the important thing is to practice this every day.  We sometimes have a habit of doing good, then something negative happens and we stop being positive.  The downfall to this is the tendency to stay in a negative mode which makes our quality of life very low.

If something negative happens in your life, try not to focus on the negative.  Try to find something positive that is happening in your life and focus on that.  You are training your brain to stop the negative cycle.  We don’t want to attract negative energy, we want positive energy.  The best way to gain positive energy is to find something positive in our lives and show our gratitude for it.

We are all works in progress.  The important thing is to keep positive, show gratitude, and be kind.  If you focus on doing these things each day, you will attract more positive energy to your life.

When you look at life through eyes of gratitude,

the world becomes a magical and amazing place.

-Jennifer Gayle