Good health is vital for a happy life.  There have been many studies regarding how our emotions can affect our health.  Our thoughts cause a chemical response in our bodies.  These thoughts can help us or undermine our efforts.  That is why it is important to keep a positive outlook to attract more positive into your life.  Good health affirmations can help you to stay positive.

Maintaining Good Health

We live in a world where our food is filled with antibiotics and other toxins.  There are toxins in our water and the air we breathe.  That has a dramatic effect on our bodies over time.  We need to be aware of what we put in our bodies, as it affects our health.  Some ways to help your health include:

  • Read labels on the food you purchase.  Avoid products that are GMO based, contain allergens (ie: gluten, peanut etc) or other harmful ingredients.
  • Look for organic products in the store and also at local farmers markets.  They are usually healthier and have fewer chemicals added.
  • Make an effort to eat alkaline foods, not acidic ones.  Diseases like cancer require an acidic environment to thrive.  If you keep your body alkaline, cancer cannot survive.  You can find lists of alkaline foods online as well as supplements you can take to lower your acidity.  Here are a few highlights:
    • Alkaline – most fruits/veggies/nuts like celery, kale, spinach, carrots, almonds, almond milk, and many beans.
    • Acidic – most processed foods, eggs, beef, dairy, artificial sweeteners, wheat, and yeast.
  • Spend time in nature away from the city and all the pollution.  Fresh air and sunshine can help your health tremendously.  We all need sunshine each day to feel good.
  • Find ways to relieve stress like meditation, yoga, and walks.  This gets your blood pumping and improves circulation.
  • Focus on the positive in your life.  At the end of each day reflect on what was positive.  This allows your body to relax and helps get you in the habit of showing gratitude.
  • Remember you get what you give out.  If you give out positive it will come back to you.  Saying affirmations daily can help you send out positive energy.
Good health vegetables

Attract positive energy

Our health is affected by so many factors.  It is hard making big changes all at once, so it is better to start off slow and build up.  Use the tips that fit best with your lifestyle and remember a little change can make a big difference.

Affirmations are a great way to attract positive energy to your life and help you on your path to good health.  Choose the ones you like the most and say them daily.  Make sure you are feeling positive and saying them with true intent and they should help you.

The greatest wealth is health

Health Affirmations


I feel wonderful.

I heal quickly and fully.

I deserve to live a healthy life.

My mind is peaceful and calm.

I am deeply relaxed and at ease.

I am well. I am in perfect health.

I am kind and loving to my body.

I am perfect. I am whole. I am healthy.

I choose happiness and health in my life.

I am surrounded by a white healing light.

Every cell of my body is radiant with vitality.

I am pain-free and completely in sync with life.

I manifest perfect health by making smart choices.

I am surrounded by people that encourage me to be healthy.

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