Hope is a powerful feeling that comes from the heart.  It is the belief that things will get better.  Hope encourages a positive mood or feeling regarding an expectation or future event. In a world with so much suffering and negativity, it is important to have hope to get us through the trials we face.  Having hope is vital for our survival.

When you go through challenges times, like physical injury and loss, yet know deep down that things will get better, that is hope. Having hope is very empowering.  You are telling yourself that you are strong, you can face the challenge, and you will succeed.

Hope and Faith

How do we know things will improve?  That is where faith comes in, as faith is what tells us they will.  Faith is belief that there is something bigger and more important than ourselves.  It is a reason to go on that involves more than just you as an individual. Hope and faith are interconnected.

We see examples of hope all the time.  An accident survivor makes a remarkable recovery.  That recovery involves the person believing they will get better and working hard to get there.  They are determined to recover and have faith it will happen.  That is a great plan for success.  Keeping a positive, hopeful, determined outlook can help us all overcome our obstacles.

Hope balloons

Staying Hopeful

How do we keep ourselves hopeful?  That requires a positive and open mind.  We need to have:

  • Faith that there is something bigger going on in our lives and belief that there is a reason for the things that happen.
  • Gratitude for all the wonderful things that happen in our daily lives.
  • A positive focus where we reflect on the good things happening, not the negative.
  • Love and compassion for people, animals, and all living creatures. We are all connected and it is important we show empathy and kindness to all.

When you send positive energy, love, compassion, and gratitude out on a regular basis it will come back to you.  All that positive energy will make it easier for you to remain hopeful and keep the faith that there is a greater purpose for us.

Meditation or finding a quiet place where you can reflect is a great way to keep centered, calm and focus on hope.  Spending time in nature and seeing the beauty all around you can also give you renewed hope.

Below are some affirmations you can say to help you when you want to keep positive and hopeful.

“Where there is hope, there is faith. 

Where there is faith, miracles happen.” 

Hope Affirmations


I choose Hope.

I am excited for the future.

Beautiful things are to come.

There is always another way.

I expect great things to happen.

I am headed in the right direction.

I surrender my heart to the universe.

I believe that my wishes will be fulfilled.

Hope will always be my closest companion.

I myself radiate hope and blessed promise.

I walk to exist in this life and run to achieve life.

The universe provides for my every want and need.

I am surrounded by positive, healthy, loving people.

The light at the end of my tunnel is my new beginning.

I rejoice in what I have and I know that fresh new experiences are always ahead.


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