Matcha is a shade grown, all-natural powdered Japanese green tea. It is extremely high in anti-oxidants, amino acids, and other nutrients to aid your health.  Matcha is unique and gains its health benefits through careful cultivation and processing.  All this hard work ensures you gain 100% of the benefits of the whole tea leaf including vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

I was so impressed with Aiya Gyokuro Japanese green tea, that I decided to do a review and giveaway for my readers.  I hope you enjoy the great taste and health benefits that green tea can offer.

About Aiya green tea

Aiya was established in 1888 and is a family-owned company. They are the world’s leading Matcha green tea producer headquartered in Nishio city, Japan.  This area is known for producing the finest green tea for over 800 years.

Aiya’s tea taster’s line is a collection of USDA certified organic green tea from southwest Japan.  The mineral-rich volcanic soil adds to the unique flavor of the tea.  Gyokuro is shade-grown for weeks before harvest resulting in elevated levels of L-theanine and a slightly sweet vegetal aroma.

Health benefits

Green tea has many health benefits and is tasty in smoothies, lattes, and more.  Key health benefits include:

Antioxidants – Matcha contains higher antioxidant levels on a per gram basis than any other known fruit or vegetable.

Natural energy – One of the key components is the amino acid L-theanine.  When L-theanine is combined with the natural caffeine in green tea, it metabolizes more slowly releasing the caffeine over a longer period of time.  This can provide a more stable energy boost over 3 to 6 hours compared to the caffeine found in coffee.

Whole tea leaf nutrients – Since the entire tea leaf is used, you are gaining all the anti-oxidants, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and fibers of the leaf.  This includes L-theanine, protein, fiber, calcium, iron, caffeine, potassium and vitamin C. Wow, that is a lot of great things all in one drink.

Green tea box
Green tea flavor profile

Green Tea Preparation

The Gyokuro Japanese Green tea comes with 15 pyramid tea bags per box.  It is easy to prepare and can be ready in as little as 2 minutes.  Steps include:

Heat water to 140 degrees Fahrenheit

Steep 1 tea bag for 2 minutes

Makes 1 cup/8 oz

Aiya sells loose leaf Matcha and to go packets if you are looking for other options.  You can use the tea in smoothies, lattes, and other recipes.

I really enjoyed the taste of Gyokuro.  I made a traditional hot tea and added a little cane sugar.  It was very tasty, slightly sweet and I did feel like I had more energy longer than with traditional tea.  Another way I used it was to steep the tea as directed, let it cool and then add it to my smoothies.  I enjoyed the additional flavor to my smoothie and the added energy I received.

Key Information

All the information you need to get Gyokuro or other Aiya Matcha tea.


(4 stars)  – factors included ease of preparation, great taste, additional nutrients and energy it provided.


$12.60 per box.  The box contains 15 tea bags.  Each bag is 1 serving.

Where to buy:

Aiya website, Amazon and other online retailers

Savvy Tip:

First-time buyers on the Aiya website can get 10% off their order by using the code Nishio Matcha at checkout.

Ok, now on to the fun stuff.  After all that information, hopefully you are excited to try some Japanese green tea and gain all the wonderful health benefits discussed.  Please follow the giveaway instructions below, and may the odds be ever in your favor.

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Giveaway Details


Rules: Open to United States residents, 18 years or older

End Date: November 20, 2017, noon ET

Prize: One winner will receive 4 boxes of Aiya Organic Gyokuro, Japanese Green Tea.

15 Pyramid tea bags per box.  ARV $50

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