LipSense bouquet of glosses is a set of six moisturizing glosses that you can wear alone or on top of your lip color. The shades are perfect for summer and include Blue Orchid, Golden Iris, Sweet Pea, Orchid, Rose, and Bougainvillea. They add dimension and are a great finishing touch to any look.

Bouquet of Glosses Set

The set includes a cute case to hold all six of your glosses.  Three of the glosses are new and limited edition which means they are not part of the permanent line.  These include Blue Orchid, Golden Iris, and Sweet Pea.  The other three colors are part of our normal line and include Bougainvillea, Orchid, and Rose.  All of them are pretty and add depth to your lip looks.

All the colors

The colors in the set are a wide range and should suit all your needs.  If you want a gold shimmer, a hint of blue or even a variety of pink shades you are covered with these glosses.  The colors include:

Blue Orchid – a hint of blue gloss

Bougainvillea – a reddish pink shimmer gloss

Golden Iris – a golden shimmer gloss

Orchid – a purple-pink shimmer gloss

Rose – a hint of rose gloss

Sweet Pea – a deeper purple-pink gloss

They each have a pretty hue to dress up your lips. Also, if you add them to your LipSense colors they can change them up.  Sweet Pea will give a hint of purple to pink LipSense colors.  Golden Iris will give a gold sheen to any color. Blue Orchid mixed with a pink lip color will give it a purple hue.  It is fun to mix and match to create your own unique shade.

bouquet of glosses - blue orchid
Sweet Pea Gloss
Orchid gloss
Golden Iris Gloss
Bougainvillea gloss
Rose gloss

Glosses Finish The Look

All LipSense colors are long-wearing, smudge-proof colors that last up to 18 hours. The glosses seal in that long wearing color and can really add dimension to any look.  You can also mix the gloss colors together to make your own unique look.  Whichever you prefer, the gloss is key in giving you a finished look.

Bouquet of Glosses Cost:

$120 for the set of 6 with the case, glosses alone are $20 each. For a full list of SeneGence beauty products and prices, click here 

Where to buy:

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Savvy Tip:

Remember if you have a color that is darker or brighter than you want, you can always do 2 coats of it with 1 coat of a lighter color to tone it down.  With LipSense you can create countless new colors by mixing shades or adding these tinted glosses. In case you are interested, here are some unique LipSense Mermaid colors.

Lipgloss speaks louder than words


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