LipSense Bouquet of Roses collection is perfect for Valentine’s day. Colors like Aussie Rose, Nude Pink, Primrose Gloss and Rose Gloss will get you in the Valentine’s spirit.

About Bouquet of roses

Valentine’s day is all about the pinks and the new Bouquet of Roses collection has a nice range of shades to meet your needs.  There are two LipSense shades that include Aussie Rose and Nude Pink, which is now part of our permanent collection. To top of the great LipSense colors we have Rose gloss and a new Primrose gloss which is a deeper rose shade.

Pretty Rose Shades

There are lots of pink LipSense shades for your Valentine’s celebrations.  This collection is focused on more true roses and all of the colors are very pretty.

Aussie Rose – a cool pink shade with shimmer.

Nude Pink – a soft neutral matte pink.

Rose Gloss – an iridescent rosy-pink shade.

Primrose Gloss – sheer medium pink with shimmer.

Primrose is a limited edition shade and not part of our permanent collection. This one will only be available for a short while, but the other colors are all part of our normal line.

Ready for Valentine’s Day

All LipSense colors are long-wearing, smudge-proof colors that last up to 18 hours.  These rose shades will be a perfect addition to your Valentine’s outfit and will last throughout your celebration.

LipSense Cost:

$25 lip color, $20 lip gloss

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Where to buy:

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Savvy Tip:

Remember if you have a color that is darker or brighter than you want, you can always do 2 coats of it with 1 coat of a lighter color to tone it down.  With LipSense you can create countless new colors by mixing shades or adding tinted glosses. In case you are interested, here is the LipSense Bouquet of Violets.

Love is in the air!

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