LipSense lip colors and ShadowSense eyeshadows are great tools to aid in your Halloween makeup designs.  They are long-wearing and water-resistant to ensure your LipSense Halloween creations will last through the witching hour.

LipSense Halloween Colors

There are many LipSense colors that would work great for Halloween designs. I will focus on the more traditional colors orange, red and black.  These colors can be used in designs like a witch, spiderwebs, cat, joker and more. Remember if you don’t want a glossy look, use matte gloss to seal the colors.

Blackberry – deep matte midnight black.

Blu-Red – cool bright fire-engine red with a matte finish.

She’s Apples – vibrant fiery orange-red matte lip color.

You can use LipSense on your lips or anywhere on your face.  Remember when you use LipSense lip color you apply three thin layers then seal with a gloss.  If you want to do designs, just use a makeup brush and a thin layer of the lip color to draw your designs.

Shes apples lipsense
BluRed lipsense
Blackberry lipsense
lipsense halloween joker lips

ShadowSense eye colors

ShadowSense is the long-wearing water-resistant eye color.  They come in so many amazing colors.  You can do a mermaid look with colors like Denim, Amethyst and Pink Posey.  If you want more of a traditional witch look you could use Onyx which is a black as well as Smoked Topaz which has a slight green hue. Apply ShadowSense either with your finger or a makeup brush.  It is build-able, long-wearing, smudge-proof and water-resistant so it will last all day long. My design was a leopard so I focused on Onyx, Garnet, Candlelight, and MocaJava ShadowSense.

Candlelight – neutral peach beige that is great as a base color

Garnet – deeper red-brown

MocaJava – medium neutral brown

Onyx – midnight black

There are regular ShadowSense colors and shimmers.  The shimmers go on much lighter and have a little sparkle.

Candlelight shadowsense
Garnet shadowsense
MocaJava shadowsense
Onyx shadowsense

Leopard Halloween Design

I decided to do a leopard design using both LipSense and ShadowSense products.  This design is very easy to do and doesn’t require precise lines or shapes. This is good for me as I am not always the best at being careful.  I like to just have fun and not worry about being exact in the design.

What you need

LipSense color – Blackberry with glossy gloss

ShadowSense colors – Candlelight, Garnet, MocaJava and Onyx

Brushes – slanted eyeliner brush, general shadow blending brush, small general blending brush, toothpick


Make sure you start with a clean moisturized face.  I added SeneGence color correcting tinted moisturizer ($45) in light to give my skin an even tone.


  1. Use Candlelight ShadowSense all over your eyes as a good color base.  Remember big cats have neutral colors for the most part. Use your finger or a makeup blending brush.
  2. Put MocaJava ShadowSense on the bottom eyelid for a slight contrast.  Use a makeup blending brush.
  3. Get the slanted eyeliner brush (mine is an elf brand from Target for $3) and line the complete outside of your eyes kind of heavy.  Do the inside of your eyes also.  Once done, add a little cat eye to the outer edge.  I just did a slight upward stroke on each outer corner.  Next. go to the inside and do a slight line going down to mimic a leopards coloring.
  4. For the eyebrows, take Garnet and place a few dots in your eyebrow then use a general small makeup brush to blend it in and make your eyebrows darker.


  1.  Leopards have darker brown on the side of the nose and lighter brown in the middle.  Put one dot of garnet ShadowSense on each side of the nose and blend it with a brush.
  2. Put one dot of MocaJava ShadowSense in the middle of your nose and just blend with your finger.
  3. The bottom of the nose should be black so use Onyx. Go to the very bottom of your nose and draw a slight dip in the middle with Onyx and the eyeliner brush.  A cats nose is not a straight line it dips a bit in the middle.  Then color in underneath and around the nostril with Onyx.  On either side of the nose, you can use the brush to draw a slight flare line like a leopard has (do a search on a leopard image if you want to copy that).
  4. Under the nose up to the lips put a few dots of Candlelight and blend.  This will lighten the area slightly which is how a leopard’s muzzle looks.
  5. Underneath the nose in the area you just put Candlelight, use the eyeliner brush to draw a straight line from the middle of the nose to the middle of the lips with Onyx.
  6. Whiskers are easy if you use a toothpick.  Just put a tiny dab of Onyx on the bottom of the toothpick and draw spots in the area you want to show whiskers.  You can do 3 on the top, 4 on next 5 on final or something like that.


  1.  Use Blackberry LipSense for your lips.  Line them first but don’t make sharp points at the top as cats lips are more rounded.  Apply three thin layers of Blackberry letting it dry 10 seconds in between each layer.  Finish with glossy gloss to seal in the color.  Leave the glossy on, but if you want a more matte look you can blot off the extra glossy and add matte gloss before you leave to the party etc.


  1. Open the Garnet ShadowSense and just put uneven circles in all the areas you want a leopard spot.  Allow it to dry
  2. Use Onyx ShadowSense to slightly line the garnet spots.  Don’t do a complete circle just add a highlight here and there on each spot.
  3. Make sure the sides of your face and forehead have spots.  Don’t overdo it leave some clear areas.

Now you have a leopard!  If you have fun cat ears you can put them on.  If not, you can use a rubber band to make two loops on the top of your head where the ears would be.  Just be creative.  Now you are ready to show your leopard look to the world.

leopard design
leopard look

Ready for Halloween fun

Now that you have your leopard design complete you are ready for some Halloween fun. ShadowSense and LipSense Halloween designs are easy to create and last all day so you don’t have to worry about your perfect makeup look fading or smudging.  You can just focus on having fun and of course eating candy.  I am all about Reese’s pumpkins, but I am ok with other chocolate candy.

Want to see more Halloween design ideas? Check out my facebook group Savvy Beauty.

Average Cost:

LipSense $25, Buy here

ShadowSense $22, Buy here

elf slanted liner brush $3, Buy at Target for the lowest price

Cat ears $3, Buy at Walmart for lowest price


Happy Halloween!

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