It’s holiday shopping time and everyone is looking for great deals. Beauty and makeup items are usually top on many holiday wish lists.  I posted about LipSense long-wearing lip color and how impressed I am with the products that SeneGence carries.  I decided to run some sales on all SeneGence beauty products including some LipSense holiday deals.

As many of you know LipSense is the long-wearing lip color that you apply in 3 thin layers.  You let each layer dry for 10 seconds in between applications and then seal with a gloss.  So the gloss is a necessary step in making sure the lip color lasts from 4 -18 hours.  It also is needed as the lip color can be slightly sticky before the gloss is applied.  For this reason, new customers get a starter kit that includes 1 lip color, 1 gloss and 1 Ooops remover (to correct any mistakes).

In addition to LipSense, SeneGence makes long-wearing eyeshadow called ShadowSense.  There is also a line of foundation, mascara, moisturizers, skincare, perfume, lotions and more.  Here is a full list of SeneGence products.  So now let’s get to those deals!

Scoop on LipSense Holiday Deals

I wanted to make sure all customers got a deal so I did a general sale and then some specific products.  Just keep in mind that all in-stock products including LipSense, ShadowSense, and all the other beauty products are on sale right now through December 31, 2017.

To add a bit of festivity to the deals, I am offering mini stockings, candy canes and ribbons to go with the products.  This makes it an easy gift to ship directly to your family or to yourself.  We all deserve fun surprises in the mail.

All the deals

Ready for all the deals?  I broke them out between LipSense, ShadowSense and then beauty items.

LipSense Starter Kit – Remember new customers need to make sure they have a LipSense lip color ($25) and a gloss ($20) at minimum.  The gloss is necessary to seal in the color, ensure it lasts up to 18 hours and remove any stickiness from the color.  The Ooops remover ($10) is great for cleaning up any mistakes.  Not all of us can stay in the lines.  A starter kit is normally $55, but I have it on sale through the end of December for $47 with free shipping and a stocking or ribbon to go with it.

3 ShadowSense colors – ShadowSense ($22) is the long-lasting, anti-aging creme to powder eyeshadows.  They come in matte and shimmer finishes.  The shimmers are usually lighter and brighter. The sale allows you to get 3 ShadowSense colors (normally $66) for $57 with free shipping and a stocking or ribbon to go with them.

LipSense and ShadowSense mix – This mix includes 1 ShadowSense eyeshadow ($22), 1 LipSense color ($25) and 1 lip gloss ($20).  This covers your holiday look with sparkling eyeshadow to sultry lip colors. These three items (normally $67) are on sale for $57 with free shipping and a stocking or ribbon to with them.

Climate Control – This is my favorite beauty product.  Climate Control ($60) is hydration in the purest form. It is called a “miracle in a bottle” as it helps even the driest, most damaged skin regain its healthy glow and moisture content.  You shake the product to activate it then spray it on clean skin.  Top with your normal moisturizer to lock in the hydration all day. On sale for $52 with free shipping and a stocking or ribbon to go with it.

LipSense holiday deals - starter kit
ShadowSense, LipSense and gloss sale
ShadowSense eye shadow
Climate control sale

A few more deals

Those products are some of the most popular, but there are many other products to choose from.  If you want an intensive anti-aging and wrinkle care, the next sale is for you.

SeneSerum-C & Anti-Wrinkle Cream – This is a powerful combo to help your skin look younger.  SeneSerum-C ($65) is a 100% natural blend of the most advanced anti-aging ingredients. There are actually little balls of stabilized vitamin C suspended in the serum.  When you rub it on your face they break open and pure vitamin C goes into your skin.  If that wasn’t enough to get your skin looking better, Anti-Wrinkle treatment ($65) is clinically proven to visibly reduce the depth and shadows of light to medium size wrinkles.  Who could ask for more?  Get these two ($130) on sale for $111 with free shipping and choice of a stocking or ribbon.

General Sale – There are so many more products to choose from, so I wanted to be fair and give a general discount so you could get exactly what you want.  All in-stock products are 10% off their full price with free shipping.  If you purchase more than $50 the discount jumps up to 15%.  You can choose a stocking or ribbon to go with the items. This will help you get the perfect LipSense holiday deal.  Remember these sales go through December 31, 2017.

SeneSerum C and Anti-Wrinkle treatment
General sale on all products

I hope you enjoy this great sale on beauty products.  You will be looking good and ready for all your holiday parties with your SeneGence beauty and LipSense long-wearing lip color.  I hope you find exactly the gift you are seeking.

Gift Certificates – In case you are not sure what to buy, you can purchase a gift certificate.  You choose an amount like $25, $50 etc or if you want to buy a LipSense starter kit you can do that. When the recipient redeems it they will get a kit mailed to them directly.  This is a great way to pick the perfect gift!


$25 lip color, $20 lip gloss, $22 ShadowSense

For a full list of SeneGence beauty products and prices, click here 

LipSense Holiday Deals General Sale:

All in-stock beauty items including LipSense, ShadowSense, and all beauty items are 10% off regular price and free shipping.  If your order is over $50 it is 15% off.

Where to buy:

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Savvy Tip:

Remember if you have a color that is darker or brighter than you want, you can always do 2 coats of it with 1 coat of a lighter color to tone it down.  With LipSense you can create countless new colors by mixing shades or adding tinted glosses. In case you are interested, here are the top LipSense Fall colors.

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