The weather is getting warmer and that brings on thoughts of relaxing on the beach.  To get into that beach vibe, how about some mermaid lip colors? LipSense mermaid colors are fun and vibrant shades. You can go with a solid color, ombre look, or even add some scales to really make your lips stand out.

About LipSense Mermaid Colors

The colors of the ocean make me think of blues, greens, and teals.  It is not always easy to find those tones in a lip color, but with LipSense you can mix shades to get that perfect mermaid look.  We have some new limited edition shades called Prism of Colors that are vibrant and perfect for this look.

Mermaid Vibes

There are lots of colors that could fit with a mermaid vibe.  The ones that stand out are Skyline, Midnight Muse, Bombshell and Blackberry for accents.  Here are the details on each.

Bombshell – warm nude with a champagne shimmer

Blackberry – a deep matte black shade

Midnight Muse – a deep navy

Skyline – a light blue turquoise shade

All LipSense colors are long-wearing, smudge-proof, and last up to 18 hours. Remember with LipSense you put on 3 layers of lip color with 10 seconds to dry in between each layer.  You then top with a gloss to seal it.

Mixing Shades

When you mix LipSense colors you can do it by adding a different color on each layer and then seal with gloss or you can premix colors.  When you premix colors you can control the exact color more easily.  You just add more of the color you want to get the perfect shade.  In the examples below, these colors were premixed to get that shade.  Feel free to experiment and do it whichever way you prefer.  Let your creativity lead.

LipSense mermaid colors
Mermaid ombre looks
Solid mermaid teal
Mermaid with scales

Playful Colors

I love these fun LipSense mermaid colors to add an ocean feel to your look.  You can mix them with other colors or add different glosses to get an even more custom look. There are so many options when you mix colors. You are only limited by your imagination. Remember, Skyline and Midnight Muse are not part of our regular collection and are only here for a limited time.

LipSense Cost:

$25 lip color, $20 lip gloss For a full list of SeneGence beauty products and prices, click here 

Where to buy:

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Savvy Tip:

Remember if you have a color that is darker or brighter than you want, you can always do 2 coats of it with 1 coat of a lighter color to tone it down.  With LipSense you can create countless new colors by mixing shades or adding tinted gloss. In case you are interested, here are the LipSense Prism of Colors. They are bold colors in a wide range of shades to meet your needs.


Be a mermaid and make waves

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