Spring is right around the corner so it’s time to think of bright happy lip colors.  LipSense Prism of Colors is a new limited edition line of energizing colors.  Your lips will get noticed with these stand out shades.  I already have my favorites, but they are all fabulous.

About LipSense Prism of Colors

These colors are all bright matte shades that make a statement.  They are limited edition which means they are not part of the normal lip color line.  When colors are limited edition they do go away, but the popular ones find a way to come back. I love Pop Art Pink and Lilac Lacquer as they remind me of spring and Easter.

All the Colors

The LipSense prism of colors cover all the core colors you could want for your lips.  From bright pinks to deep navy, you will find a shade to match your mood.

Pop Art Pink – a cool pastel pink

Lilac Lacquer – a bright lavender purple

Mod Magenta – an energizing red-pink

Skyline – a light blue turquoise shade

Midnight Muse – a deep navy

All LipSense colors are long-wearing, smudge-proof, and last up to 18 hours. If you want to change up the look you can add a different gloss on top.  Remember with LipSense you put on 3 layers of lip color with 10 seconds to dry in between each layer.  You then top with a gloss to seal it.  Glossy gloss is the most moisturizing, matte is the least.  There are glitter glosses (silver, gold, pink), a diamond gloss made with crushed diamonds as well as other gloss colors.

LipSense prism of colors
Lilac Lacquer
Pop Art Pink
Mod Magenta
Midnight Muse


I love these bold colors to add dimension to your look.  You can mix them together to get even more colors.  Skyline and Midnight Muse can be mixed with Bombshell to get more of a mermaid look with aqua and blue tones.  Lilac Lacquer and Pop Art Pink can be mixed to get a pretty mauve pink color.  Mod Magenta can be lightened with Bombshell if you want a more subtle tone. There are so many options when you mix colors.  You are only limited by your imagination. Remember, they are not part of our regular collection and are only here for a limited time.

LipSense Cost:

$25 lip color, $20 lip gloss For a full list of SeneGence beauty products and prices, click here 

Where to buy:

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Savvy Tip:

Remember if you have a color that is darker or brighter than you want, you can always do 2 coats of it with 1 coat of a lighter color to tone it down.  With LipSense you can create countless new colors by mixing shades or adding tinted gloss. In case you are interested, here are the LipSense Diamond colors. They add extra sparkle to your lips with real diamond dust.

Colors speak louder than words

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