The solar eclipse is here and there are lots of fun activities going on.  I know many areas are having eclipse viewing parties.  NASA is broadcasting eclipse events and images and they even have an app you can get to see the eclipse. My friends and neighbors are having viewing parties with lots of fun food, music, games and more.  So that got me thinking about the best LipSense eclipse colors to wear. When you think of the eclipse you picture gold, brown, burgundy and eventually black colors.

What colors make the LipSense eclipse list?

I narrowed my LipSense eclipse color choices to the following:

Cocoa – rich medium brown with a gold shimmer

Dawn Rising – a light cocoa with a glistening shimmer

Mulled Wine – a cool matte color that is a dark brick red

Nutmeg – dark coral with bronze undertones

Each of the colors represents the phases of the eclipse and all the beautiful colors the sun gives off.  I picture a lighter brown color moving into a deep dark brown almost black.  LipSense doesn’t have a pure black lip color but mulled wine is very striking. (Note: we do have a blackberry which is a limited edition color that is not in the line up currently but may be back for the holidays).

lipsense eclipse dawn rising
lipsense cocoa
lipsense nutmeg
lipsense mulled wine

Final choice

It is hard to pick one color and luckily with LipSense you don’t have to.  Since LipSense colors are applied in three thin layers you can pick three different colors to mix together.  Just put one color on each layer and then seal with a gloss. This allows you to create a custom look for any occasion.  I usually put the darkest color on the base 1x then add 2x of another color to make my own unique blend.

I ultimately chose Nutmeg as I love the bronze undertones.  It is a great pick.  Any of them would be perfect for your eclipse event.  I hope you have fun and enjoy the eclipse!


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Savvy Tip:

If you want a really dark lip color you can mix Onyx ShadowSense with Mulled Wine LipSense.  ShadowSense is the long-wearing eyeshadow and Onyx is very black.  You could do 1x Mulled Wine, 1x Onyx ShadowSense, 1x Mulled Wine then finish with a gloss.  That would definitely make your lips very dark.  We also have Blackberry LipSense that will be temporarily in stock for the holidays so grab some of it because it won’t stay in stock long.


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