LipSense is a very popular brand of lip color that is in high demand. It does not smudge and can last 4 to 18 hours. Sound too good to be true?  Well, I wanted to find out so I placed an order to try it for myself.

About LipSense

In 1999 SeneGence CEO, Joni Rogers-Kante, launched LipSense. It is a patented color technology for long lasting lip color. She expanded the company to include other makeup as well as an anti-aging line of beauty. In the past few years LipSense has really gained traction, so much so that the product sells out quickly.  You purchase it through a distributor.

LipSense is waterproof, does not kiss-off, smear-off or smudge-off.  The lip color is suspended in SD40 cosmetic grade alcohol. Once the color touches your lips, the alcohol evaporates leaving the color behind.  The alcohol is also why some people mention a slight tingling when it is applied.

The lip color is applied in 3 layers.  Layer 1 touches the skin’s PH and breaks down first.  The next layer is protected from PH by the first layer and also by the third layer.  Layer 3 protects the second layer from saliva, friction, and environmental wear.  The gloss seals in the color and moisturizes the lips.

Starter Kit

The first time you order LipSense through a distributor, you buy a starter kit.  A kit is $55 and contains three products: a LipSense color of choice ($25), Glossy Gloss ($20), and Ooops! Remover ($10).  There are many colors to choose from and you can mix the colors to make your own unique one.  I chose Roseberry which is a deeper pink berry color.

The gloss is clear and very moisturizing with shea butter.  Ooops! remover is for any mistakes you make, so don’t worry we have you covered. LipSense is more than a lip stain; it bonds with your lips on the molecular level so you need a remover to get it off.  Now that is some serious color!

Applying LipSense

Here are the steps I used to apply my Roseberry LipSense:

  1. Before applying the product, make sure your lips are clean and dry.  Witch hazel is a good cleaner that you may already have on hand.  It is very inexpensive at Target and other stores.
  2. Shake the color for 20 seconds holding it at the base.  Don’t hit it against your hand to ensure the bottle doesn’t get damaged.
  3. Remove applicator and wipe off excess color.  Remember it is highly pigmented so you only need a little.  Your goal is 3 thin layers.
  4. The applicator has a slight curve at the end.  That is the side to use for lining your lips if you choose.
  5. Apply the color in one sweeping motion.  Don’t go back and forth as that may cause it to flake.  I usually start at the top and go right in one motion, next is the left side.  I then do the bottom.  Just one time in each area.  Go back and do your waterline. This is the visible inside of the lip that saliva can touch.
  6. Wait 10 seconds for the lips to dry.  They will feel sticky/tacky which they should. Do not rub your lips together until the final step of gloss is on.
  7. Repeat the application for a 2nd layer, wait 10 seconds, then do the 3rd layer.
  8. After the third layer has dried, apply glossy gloss.  You can now rub your lips together since the gloss has been applied.
  9. If you make any mistakes, get out the Ooops! remover.  Touch the Ooops! on the mistake, give it 10 seconds and then wipe off.  Darker colors may require more than one try.  Don’t worry everything is fixable.
LipSense Starter Kit
3 Layers

LipSense Colors

LipSense currently comes in 50 colors and they regularly add limited edition colors.  There is a wide variety and they do categorize them based on skin tone.  Yellow-based for warm skin, neutral, and blue for cooler tones.  You don’t have to go by that, but it is helpful.  I am a yellow tone but I chose a color in the cool section.  The colors are also either frost, matte, or shimmer finishes. I liked Roseberry but it was a little darker than I would wear every day.  The cool thing is that it makes a great base.  Since you put on 3 layers, I can use my darker color as a 1x base then add another color 2x on top.  I can also just put three different colors on top of each other to make my new color.  I love the creativity of that!   My latest color is Pink Champagne, so I am going to see how 1x Roseberry and 2x Pink Champagne look. Also, you can get tinted glosses.  Glossy gloss is clear and the most moisturizing of the glosses, but you can mix it up.  They have rose, pink glitter, pearl, opal, silver glitter and many other glosses.  That can change the look of your color even more.

LipSense colors
Me with roseberry

My Assessment

I was a little intimidated at first with the 3 layers and the pigment as I am used to light colors.  After a few applications, the process was easy.  If you make a mistake just use Ooops! remover.  It is no big deal. My Roseberry color lasted 4 hours the first time which is the lower end of the range.  They say that the longevity can be affected by:

Lip health – chapped/cracked lips may not be able to absorb as well as healthy lips

Wax products – if you use lip balm or other products with wax, they interfere with absorption

Hormones – pregnant women sometimes don’t get as long a wear due to fluctuations in hormones

Improper application – if you rush and don’t put all the layers on or don’t let them dry it may not set right

Heavy layers – if you put on very heavy layers it may flake off

I stopped using chapstick and noticed the color lasted longer each time.  I have also been exfoliating my lips to get them healthier.  The glossy gloss can be used at night before bed to help your lips as the shea butter is very moisturizing.  These things will increase the longevity of my color. Overall, I was impressed.  I am one of those people that put on lipstick and it is gone in 10 minutes.  Due to this, I often don’t bother with it.  I was very happy that LipSense stayed on for 4 hours the first time. Now it stays on even longer.  It is definitely worth it to not have to worry about your color rubbing off on everything. To give you an idea of how impressed I was with the company, I became a distributor.  I have never done sales like this before, but I really believe in the company.  Not just LipSense but their SenePlex complex that protects your skin and helps with anti-aging properties.  I am hooked.


Life is too short to wear bad lipstick!

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