We all want bright, healthy skin that looks great.  The problem is finding a product that really works.  I tried Olay Regenerist instant fix exfoliate and renew system and had very good results.

Olay Exfoliate & Renew System

Olay’s renew is a two-part system that includes a microdermabrasion treatment and peel activator serum.  The microdermabrasion treatment exfoliates and removes dry dead skin. The peel activator serum resurfaces your skin’s texture to speed up regeneration.  This formula brightens skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The process starts with the microdermabrasion treatment which is orange and has a thick syrup-like consistency.  I washed my face and dried it first.  I then took about a quarter-sized amount of the treatment and massaged it into the skin on my face. You should massage it in for about a minute.  Next, you put some serum on your fingers and massage it on top of the treatment.  This will create some foam which is normal.  Massage the serum in for another minute.  After that, just rinse and you are done.

You may notice that the microdermabrasion crystals are small and really penetrate into your pores, which is good.  I mention this as people with sensitive skin may not want to massage for a full minute until you are sure of how your skin will handle it.  I also noticed a slight warming sensation when I added the serum.  This is normal and goes away.

It may be better to do this before you get in the shower.  The reason is that the crystals are a little messy and it is easier to rinse them completely off in the shower.  This is my preferred way to use the product.

Olay renew 2-step
Olay derma-crystals


I really like the Olay exfoliate and renew system.  I am rarely pleased so quickly with beauty products, but this one did give immediate results.  My skin was noticeably softer and felt very clean after just one application.  They recommend doing this twice a week which is reasonable and means the product will last awhile.

I had searched for microdermabrasion on Amazon and this came up.  I mention that as the formal name on Olay’s site is instant fix exfoliate and renew system.  That name is not something I would search on, so just giving you the tip to help in your search.  The cost on Olay’s site is $26.99.

Olay products have always worked well with my skin and this product is another winner.  I will definitely be purchasing this one again.  If you are unsure, check out the ratings on Amazon for this product.  It is very popular and has high ratings.

Average Cost:

$19 – $27

Lowest price found at Walmart and Target.

Where to buy:

Walmart, Target, drugstores.  You can also buy online from various sites including Olay and Amazon.


Love yourself, Love your skin


Rating (5 stars):

Pros: Softens skin, increases cell turnover for brighter skin, immediate results

Cons: Microdermabrasion crystals may be harsh on sensitive skin, a little messy

Priority: High – very nice results

Savvy Tip: Do this prior to taking a shower to make clean up easier

Website: https://www.olay.com


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