The skin around our eyes is one of the first areas to show aging.  Fine lines and wrinkles are sadly a part of life, so we need some form of treatment to diminish them.   There are lots of products out there that claim to help this problem area, but it is hard to find ones that really show results. Olay Total Effects eye cream is a product geared toward the delicate under eye area, so I wanted to give it a try.

Olay Total Effects Details

I like the Olay brand and have had success with many of their products.  When I saw Olay Total Effects anti-aging eye treatment, I was excited to try it.  This is a problem area for me and I have tried many products without great results.  My hope was that Olay had a winner in this product.

The packaging indicates it is a daily all in one treatment to fight the seven signs of aging around the eyes.  The product would:

Replenish moisture

Visibly smooth fine lines and wrinkles

Instantly reduce the appearance of dark circles

Enhance brightness around the eyes

Reduce the look of puffiness

Evens skin tone, appearance, and texture

It is recommended to use it after cleansing your face.  Apply the eye treatment than a facial moisturizer. Ok, that is very doable and I was excited about the claims as that covered all my problems.  I was looking forward to seeing results.

Olay total effects eye cream
7 signs of aging

My results

I really wanted this to work so I used it diligently each day for a few months.  Sadly, I did not see much improvement or results.  It is a nice thick cream and it does moisturize under your eyes.  My eyes definitely looked better with the cream then without.  What I didn’t see was an improvement in the 7 areas they listed.  It did not help with dark circles, reduce wrinkles or improve the area very much.  To be fair it did moisturize the area well, but most eye creams do this.

Overall, I am not that thrilled with the product.  I think it is a good product for general moisturizing, but it did not give me the results that they advertise.  I would say it is an ok product, but not great.

If you love Olay products and want to give it a try, it may work better on you.  At the very least it will moisturize the area underneath your eye.  I am sad that I didn’t see better results. Based on the lack of results, this is not a product I would purchase again.

Average Cost:


Lowest price found at Walmart.

Where to buy:

Walmart, Target, drugstores and online stores including Amazon.


The eyes tell more than words could ever say

Rating (3 stars):

Pros: Good general moisturizer for under the eye

Cons: Did not improve wrinkles, darkness, firmness as advertised

Priority: Low – if you love Olay products it might be worth a try

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