Netflix has begun showing trailers for its shows in between the episodes you are currently watching. It is only testing in-house ads on a segment of its subscribers at the present, but all users are automatically opted into the test. There is a way to quickly opt out of these trailers interrupting your favorite shows.

Netflix Ads

Netflix is testing whether surfacing recommendations between episodes will help members discover stories they will enjoy faster. They indicate that you can skip past them if you are not interested.  So to them, it is being helpful to others, it is a nuisance.  If you don’t want to see the ads, here is how to opt out.

Opt Out of Netflix Ads

To opt out, you will need to access Netflix in a browser on a computer, tablet or phone. You can’t opt out of the ads with the Netflix app.

With Netflix open in a browser, tap the hamburger button in the top left (on mobile) or click your profile picture in the top right (on a computer) and then choose Account.

On the Account page, scroll down to the Settings section and select Test participation. You will see a single toggle switch for Include me in tests and previews. Toggle it Off and then click or tap Done.

That’s it, you are now opted out of ads.  Keep in mind that if Netflix moves this feature from the test stage into its standard experience, you may have to opt out again.  Let’s hope they don’t do that.

Enjoy your shows

Now you can enjoy your shows without seeing ads or interruptions which is what we want from Netflix.  Hopefully, this won’t be a new theme with them as most people don’t like to see these.  Ok, now I am ready for some popcorn and my latest marathon watching event to start.

Let the binge-watching begin!