Pansies are perfect to add color to your winter garden. They are easy to grow, come in a wide variety of colors, and make you smile when you see them. Who could ask for more?  I love adding them to my winter garden to brighten things up.

About Pansies

Pansies are cool weather flowers with almost heart-shaped, overlapping petals in bright colors. They often come with face-like center markings which makes them pretty cute.  They are hardy in zones 7 and higher and can handle temperatures as low as single digits.  That makes them perfect for most winter gardens.

Although pansies are not fussy plants, they will grow best in a loose, rich, slightly acid soil. Pansies love full sun to partial shade, but they will stay fresh looking and keep blooming longer if grown in partial shade. Pansies do not like heat at all and will begin to decline as the days warm up.

They do not get very large so they are perfect for containers and pots.  The average height is 4 – 8 inches. Traditional pansies will bloom from spring through early summer, with some repeat bloom in the fall.

All the colors

There is an amazing array of pansy flower colors, ranging from white to rich gold, purple, red, rose, maroon, orange, and violet, with many shades in-between. You can also choose from solid colors to two-tones and all sorts of color blends. Some varieties have petals with crinkled or ruffled edges. Others have large flowers up to 4 inches in diameter.

I am partial to the purple and yellow colors.  I think they are the most vivid and really add color to the garden.  You can buy 6 packs of pansies in multi-colors for a more rainbow effect.  This is fun in containers to draw the eye away from the more drab winter garden plants.

I got purple, yellow and a mix of colors for my garden. I planted them in various containers throughout the garden.  My biggest issue is that the chipmunk does eat them, especially since the weather here in Georgia has gotten cold.  He seems to like to dig them up and eat their roots after he eats the petals.  That makes it kind of rough on pansies in my garden.

purple pansies
white pansies
yellow pansy
pansies in arrangement

Colorful Garden

I enjoy the bright and cheery color that the pansies bring to my winter garden.  You can cluster them together to give an area more intense color.  They are so easy to maintain and are very inexpensive, so basically they are the perfect plant.  I just wish the chipmunk didn’t eat them so quickly.

I love pansies and always have them in my garden.  They thrive in cool weather and can last through early summer here, so that is a long time for a flower to bloom.  I recommend them to anyone who wants a happy, colorful and easy to maintain flower in cooler temps.

Average Cost of plants:

$4 – 5 for a six-pack of pansies.  Seeds are less expensive.

Where to buy:

Walmart, Home Depot, Pike or local nurseries.  You can also buy online from various sites including Amazon.

Savvy Tip:

Check out Walmart’s garden section as they put a lot of plants on clearance this time of year.

Where flowers bloom, so does hope

– Lady Bird Johnson