We have lots of rain in Georgia along with warm temperatures. My rainy days garden is really blooming. It’s amazing how quickly rain can transform plants. Here are some highlights of my garden heading into summer.

Magic of Rain

I am always fertilizing and watering my plants.  This helps them, but nothing compares to the nutrients found in rain.  I did some research and found some interesting information on the benefits of rainwater.

Plants obtain all their nutrients from the atmosphere around them.

Water makes up 80 to 95 of plant tissue and is lost through transpiration, a form of evaporation, throughout the day.

Rainwater has a higher level of oxygen and is free from harmful minerals and additives found in tap water.

Lack of water leads to mineral deficiencies and an unhealthy plant.

Rainwater frees nutrients and minerals in the soil the plant needs to survive. As the soil absorbs rainwater, a film forms around soil particles and then the water is carried to the rest of the plant to feed it.

The plant uses water alongside photosynthesis to make sugar. Water carries this sugar through the plant to feed individual plant cells. The cells then convert the sugar into energy, which the plant uses to produce leaves, flowers, and fruit. Pretty cool how efficient plants are at surviving.

My Rainy Days Garden

I have a wide variety of plants in my garden.  This time of year it gets very hot in Georgia so growth starts slowing down.  This consistent rain we have been having has cooled the temperatures and increased plant growth.  Here are some of the plants doing well after the latest rain showers.

Calla lilies are very unique plants that are pretty tough.  They bloom starting in June here and can continue to bloom as long as the temperature is warm.  They go dormant in winter but come back the next spring.  I love the variety of colors available including pink, white and yellow. Their elegant shape and dark leaves add a lot of color to the garden.

Ferns do well in shady areas of the garden.  They are delicate, pretty and provide protection for your garden creatures. They come in a wide variety and are easy to grow.  Just remember they can get wide so plant them with plenty of space in between and protect them from intense sun.  Other than that, they don’t require a lot of work.

Petunias come in many happy and bright colors including pink, purple and white.  This is the first year I have had them in quite a while.  I put them in a pot and they seem pretty happy. They love full sun but do need water to keep perky.

Roses are some of my favorite flowers to grow.  I don’t mean fussy roses, I am talking about knockout and wild roses.  They require minimal care and bloom throughout the summer. I love how knockout roses come in such vivid pink and red shades with single and multi blooms.  They give the most spectacular color display in my garden.

rainy days garden ferns
calla lily
pink roses

Bright Garden Colors

I love how my plants look after the rain.  You can tell they are happy and have the nutrients they need.  My rainy days garden is looking very bright and healthy.  I hope the rain continues to help the plants and to keep temperatures down.

The only problem I am having in my garden is aphids.  They attacked my Japanese Maple and caused a good bit of damage.  I got them under control, but the tree is not looking good.  I am hoping the rain will help bring it back to vitality.  Hopefully, you are getting rain in your area to help your summer garden look fabulous.

Average Cost:

Petunia 6 pack $2, Knockout roses, Calla Lily 1 gallon $8

Where to buy:

Walmart, Home Depot, Pike or local nurseries.  You can also buy online from various sites including Amazon.

Savvy Tip:

Check out Walmart’s garden section as they put a lot of plants on clearance this time of year.  I got my calla lily on clearance for a few dollars.  Even if the plant is wilted, you can bring it back to life in most cases.