Like many people, my car insurance rates keep going up. I was looking for ways to reduce costs and found a few options. Here are some companies that may help you reduce your rates.

Car Insurance Savings

Most of us know that memberships in an organization such as AAA or AARP come with a wide variety of benefits. These are two great companies to help you save on all kind of expenses including car insurance.

There are other companies that can help you reduce costs too. If you are a member of some nonprofits or clubs, you may be eligible for price breaks on car insurance that could help. Many organizations offer this membership perk. They include:


The nonprofit AAA offers car insurance discounts to members. The details may vary from one regional AAA club to another. Login to your AAA account or call them on the phone to find out the savings in your area. Also, check for the mailers they send out with special discounts on all kinds of businesses. Their site indicates members can save approximately $500 a year on average by switching to AAA Insurance.  So that is worth checking out.


AARP nonprofit is for those who are ages 50 and older. It has great benefits for members and offers a couple of ways to save on car insurance. The AARP has an auto insurance program from The Hartford which may save you money.  They also have a program called the Massachusetts auto Insurance program from Plymouth Rock Assurance.  So it may be worth checking them out as well as all the other great benefits they offer members.

Alumni Association

I am a Georgia Tech alumni and I always get mailers with discounts on auto insurance and many other things.  Most colleges have an alumni page on their website.  That would be a great place to start to find out about discounts.  Each school may have a different affiliation as to auto insurance companies, but companies like Geico have a page that lists out alumni discounts.  You may want to check with your current auto insurance provider and ask if they offer discounts for alumni of your college.

Wholesale Clubs

Are you a member of a wholesale club?  If yes, look into or ask about car insurance discounts for members. The info will be on their website or you can call.

Costco partners with Ameriprise to offer auto insurance discounts and BJ’s partners with Geico.  These companies indicate members can save an average of $500 the first year they switch. Pay close attention to the fine print on the offers and any exclusions.

Other Places

There are lots of other places to find car insurance discounts. EverQuote is a great resource for car insurance discounts. They note that other types of organizations may offer their members the benefit of car insurance discounts. These include:

Business groups
Military organizations
Recreational organizations
Fraternities and sororities
Honor societies

Any organization that you belong to may have discounts, so it doesn’t hurt to ask them about it.

Saving Money

There are lots of organizations that offer members discounts on car insurance and other purchases.  Check out all the organizations you currently belong to and ask about discounts.  Pay attention to the mailers you get from your alumni association, buying clubs and other businesses as you may find a really good deal on your car insurance rates.  It is always a good idea to shop around periodically to make sure you are getting the best rates.


A penny saved is a penny earned.