We all want to do our part in helping the environment. One way we can help is to recycle old products. Here are some companies that will pay you to recycle your stuff. 


If you are like me you have older laptops, phones and more laying around your house.  Wouldn’t it be so much better to recycle them and remove all that clutter? I found some companies that will make it easier for you to recycle your batteries, clothes and more.

Advanced Auto Parts – even if you did not buy the battery from them, you can drop off your car or truck battery at a participating Advance Auto Parts location and get a $10 GC.

AT&T – has a trade in program for phones and tablets. They let you safely recycle these electronic devices in exchange for an AT&T Promotion Card. AT&T will assess the value of your old gear and give you credit up to $150.  Now if your items are really old you may not get a credit, but they will still recycle them for free.

Best Buy – has a variety of electronics trade in programs.  One is for HP printers where you can turn in your HP printer and get 15 percent off the purchase of a new HP printer.  The promotions vary so check back with them to see what they have. 

H&M – All H&M stores around the globe participate in the retailer’s textile recycling program. If you have a bag of clothes ready to donate, go to an H&M store and ask for the garment collecting box (usually near a register) and you will get a voucher for your donation.

Levi’s – Bring in any brand of clothes or shoes to a participating Levi’s store, and receive 20 percent off a single, full-priced item. Levi’s has partnered with I:Collect to reuse and recycle apparel, footwear and other textiles. I:Collect turns them into wearable items or gives them new life as cleaning rags, insulation and more. That’s pretty cool.

Microsoft – Go by a Microsoft store with your old laptop, tablet, phone or gaming console and they will evaluate it’s value. If the item has held its value, you’ll get store credit to upgrade to a new Microsoft device.  If not, they will recycle it for free.

Office Depot – Take your empty ink and toner cartridges to the nearest Office Depot, and they’ll give you $2 back in rewards per cartridge. You will have to make a $10 purchase the same month but it is still a good deal.

The North Face – you can drop off your used clothes or footwear at participating retail stores and receive $10 off your next purchase of $100 or more at The North Face. Donations are accepted from any brand and in any condition. 

check your favorite store

These are just some retailers that have a recycle program.  There are many more so make sure to check out the website of your favorite store to see if they have a similar program.  It helps the Earth and it may also help your pocket book. 

Be Kind to the Earth