Revival soy was created by Dr. Aaron Tabor to help his mom through menopause.  She was experiencing hot flashes, weight gain and other discomforts due to a reduction in her hormones.  Dr. Tabor reviewed studies that showed significantly lower rates of menopausal hot flashes in Asian women compared to women in the US.  He found that some Asians consume up to 6 servings of soy food a day.  The average serving in the US is minimal.

Soy can be chalky tasting and it is often hard for Americans to eat in large quantities, so Dr. Tabor worked on creating a good tasting product with concentrated soy. The Revival soy blend has about the same level of soy isoflavones as 6 cups of soy milk.   His mom noticed a reduction in hot flashes, more energy, weight loss and improved hair and nails after eating the Revival Soy.

In the US many people don’t think highly of soy.  The chalky taste and sometimes less than appealing flavor of soy products turns people off.  In addition, soy in the US is primarily all GMO. That discourages people from eating it.  Soy itself is very healthy for you.  The FDA states that 25 grams of soy per day plus a healthy diet may reduce the risk of heart disease.

Benefits of Revival soy

I was introduced to Revival soy in my 20s due to my severe PMS symptoms.  At the time I had intense cramping and nothing was helping.  I started eating one Revival soy bar a day to get my full serving of soy. My cramping decreased and I was in more control of my PMS symptoms.  The only negative to me was the price.  It was high and I had limited funds in my 20s so I stopped taking it.

I just recently started using Revival soy again.  The reasons included the PMS issue and cramping as well as weight gain. Soy is a great source of protein that makes you feel full.  I wanted to see if eating a bar a day would again help with my cramping and assist in weight loss.  In less than a month I have already seen relief with my cramps.  It will take a few months to see if weight loss is another benefit.

Soy Products

They have many products you can try including shakes, bars, nuts, chips, pasta, and coffee. If you are a smoothie person the shakes would be great for you.  I like the shakes but usually purchase the bars so I can take them on the go.

The bars come in many flavors including peanut pal, marshmallow, chocolate and peanut chocolate.  They also have a line of low carb bars that are covered in chocolate.  I have tried all of the bars and my preference is the peanut pal.  My next choice is peanut chocolate buddy.  I don’t like the low carb as much as it is too much chocolate.  One bar at breakfast and that is it for the whole day.

The bars don’t really have a strong taste at all.  The consistency is similar to a rice krispy square but denser and much less sweet.  They are a little sticky like a rice krispy square.  I eat it plain or if I am really hungry I will add a little peanut butter to the top for added protein and flavor.  You could add anything to them like almond butter or sunflower seed butter.  Some people microwave them to soften them up.

Ingredients on the Peanut Pal bar include roasted peanuts, non-GMO soy, cane juice, corn syrup and sea salt. The bar is gluten-free and Vegan which is very good.  If you are allergic to peanuts there are other bars that don’t contain them. One bar has 240 calories, 6g fat, 310mg sodium, 28g of total carbs, 5g of fiber and 20g of protein.

revival soy bar
peanut pal bar

Final Impressions

Overall, I am impressed again with Revival Soy. It is primarily helpful for PMS and menopausal symptoms but it has many other benefits.  It can be used as a meal replacement as long as you take a good vitamin supplement.  This would be useful for weight loss.

One question I noticed asked is if soy protein will increase estrogen levels.  The answer is no.  You don’t need to worry about that if you are taking estrogen supplements.

I asked them about discounts for new customers and they did not offer any.  The only discount they have is if you get on their auto-ship program which gives you 10% off your subsequent orders.

This gets to the part that is slightly negative about Revival soy, the cost.  One box contains 15 bars and costs around $40 plus shipping.  That is a hefty amount for half of a month’s supply.  They do have variety packs with 7 bars (or shakes) that cost $23 if you want to give it a try.

Overall, I think Revival soy bars are high quality, good tasting and aid my health.  I would recommend them to anyone who is experiencing PMS or menopause issues and needs relief.  I look at them as a solution for PMS and menopause issues, an aid to weight loss and a benefit to overall health.


“The groundwork for all happiness is good health” – Leigh Hunt

Rating (4 stars):

Pros: High quality concentrated soy, non-GMO, many health benefits, good taste

Cons: High cost for 15 bars

Priority: Medium – helpful for PMS and menopause symptoms, hair/nails, weight loss

Cost: $40 plus shipping 15 bars

Savvy Tip: Sign up for their auto-ship program to save 10% on future orders


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