We all love beauty products but storing them can be a challenge. I have so many lip colors, liners and eyeshadow sets that it is very hard for me to find what I am looking for each day.  My search on various review sites lead me to the Rownyeon makeup case.  I was impressed with the space and organization, so I decided to do a review to share my findings.

Rownyeon makeup case details

In case you don’t know about Rownyeon, they design and manufacturer makeup cases for professionals.  I did not know the company, but I had heard a lot of good reviews about their products.  I had asked some of my beauty expert friends for their top picks for large makeup cases.  Rownyeon came up more than once so I had to check them out.

Makeup Case specs

I was looking for a large case but not oversized.  It was important to get one that could easily be carried on trips.  I opted for the 16.4″ case as it looked big enough to carry my items while still being easy to carry.  I was very impressed that you could adjust the compartment pads to fit your specific beauty items.

Rownyeon Makeup Case Specs:

16.1 x 11.5 x 4.3 inches

1.5 pounds

4 – large pad dividers, 5 – small pads, 1 – long pad divider

Waterproof plastic cover with oxford fabric

Black foam nylon insulate lining, easy to clean

Hand strap and gold metal zippers

When you lift the case you can tell it is well made and rugged.  I was very excited to start loading it up with all my beauty supplies.

Rownyeon makeup case
inside makeup case

How it works

I started taking out the pads to make the sizes I thought would best fit my products.  It was very easy to pull them straight up and out.  You then just line up the ridges and insert where you would like.  I love the flexibility of making tiny spaces and really large ones.

Next, I added my brushes to the top where there are 3 levels of compartments to fit even the longest brushes.  There is also a zipper on the far right.  That pocket goes all the way across the whole top of the case so you could put a lot of thin items in there.  I am thinking eyeshadow palettes as well as other kits.  Very nice and it is easy to wipe clean.

I thought I had so much stuff, but when I started adding things I still had tons of room left over.  So…that means I need to do more shopping right?

adjusting case
top of case
bottom makeup case
makeup case full items

Final thoughts

I am impressed with this case.  I love being able to adjust it to fit all the unique bottles and items I want to carry.  The depth of the compartments is excellent for fitting all of my beauty stash. It is lightweight and easy to take on the go which is very important to me since I travel often.  Overall, I would recommend the Rownyeon makeup case.  I actually liked this large 16″ one so much I ordered a smaller 9″ portable travel bag.  It didn’t have the adjustable pads, but it was also very nice.

If you are looking for a large makeup case that is sturdy, waterproof, has adjustable compartments, and looks nice then this would be perfect for you.  Amazon has had various sales on it, including a 10% off promo going on now.  While you are there check out the reviews for it as it gets very high marks.  Happy shopping!

Be your own kind of beautiful.

Rating (5 stars):

Pros: Well made, waterproof, flexible compartments, lots of pockets

Cons: a long strap would have been nice

Priority: Medium – very nice if you need a large makeup case

Cost: $42.99 Amazon 

Savvy Tip: Amazon has regular sales on this item.  Right now there is a 10% off coupon.

Website: rownyeon.us

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