LipSense & Senegence Product List

This document provides a list of all of SeneGence beauty products, including LipSense products.  There will be a description of the product and the United States product price.  Hopefully, this will make it easier for you to understand the full product line and make a decision.  As there are a lot of products it is difficult to show a picture for each one.

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LipSense Products – $25 plus tax

LipSense is the premier beauty product for SeneGence.  It is a unique lip color that lasts from 4-18 hours.  The product is applied in 3 thin layers (10 seconds to dry in between layers) then sealed with a gloss.  It is important that those steps are followed in order to get the longest wear for your color.  LipSense is a patented product that is kiss-proof, smudge proof and waterproof.

Below is a list of the current LipSense product colors and a description of each.

Apple Cider – Matte light pink with a hint of tan

Aussie Rose – Shimmer medium rose pink

B Ruby – Satin burgundy with a hint of purple

Beige Champagne – Warm beige with a champagne frost

Bella – Neutral matte brownish mauve

Blackberry – Matte deep black

Blu-Red – Matte bright fire engine red

Bombshell – Warm nude with a champagne shimmer

Cappuccino – Milky neutral with hint of nude shimmer

Caramel Apple – Frosty rose red

Caramel Latte – Medium coral brown with gold shimmer

Cocoa – Medium brown with gold shimmer

Dark Pink – Matte true pink

Dawn Rising – Light cocoa with glistening shimmer

Fire N Ice – Frosty dark pink

Fire Opal – Light pinkish white

First Love – Matte nude pink

Fleur de Lisa – Vivid light pink shimmer

Fly Girl – Matte deep cherry red

Goddess – Cool matte pink/purple

Hazelnut – Cream matte neutral brown

Heartbreaker – Rosy pink coral shimmer

Honey Rose – Sheer rose gold with amber frost

Kiss for a Cause – Shimmering bold pink/purple

Kiss Me Katie – Subtle peach pink shimmer

Lexie Berry – Shimmering fuchsia berry

Luv It – Frosty light peachy/pink

Mauve Ice – Frosty pale lavender

Mulled Wine – Matte dark brick red (brownish red)

Napa – Shimmer deep rich dark mauve/purple

Nude – Matte grayish brown

Nutmeg – Frost dark coral/bronze

Persimmon – Matte adobe orange/brown

Pink Champagne – barely there pink frost

Plum – Matte dark burgundy

Plum Pretty – Frost rosy copper/pink

Plumeria – Dark hot pink with golden shimmer

Pomegranate – Shimmery red-orange

Praline Rose – Matte beige with hint of mauve

Precious Topaz – Light brown shimmer

Purple Reign – Electric pinkish/violet matte

Razzberry – Neon matte raspberry pink

Roseberry – Matte muted rosy pink

Samon – Matte bright coral red

Sassy Z – Matte rosy pink

Sheer Berry – Berry purple with sheer matte finish

Strawberry Shortcake – Matte reddish pink with cool undertones

Summer Sunset – Pink-orange with coral undertones

Violet Volt – Neon matte violet

Violette – Rosy lavender with frosty iridescence

Limited edition colors: Team Wicked (navy blue/royal purple with a teal shimmer) and Glam Doll (neutral brown-pink)

LipSense products - cool tone colors
LipSense products - warm based colors
Lipsense products, glosses


The glosses seal in the LipSense lip color and provide moisture.  Glossy gloss is the most moisturizing of the glosses.  It is recommended for new customers to use with LipSense products.

All the glosses come with shea butter to help repair dry and damaged lips.  Moisturizing glosses help improve the longevity of LipSense lip colors.  They are also a great general gloss for lips even without using lip color. They come in both clear and tinted colors.  The tinted glosses can help transform your lip color to create a new look.

Glosses – $20 plus tax

Bougainvillea gloss – reddish/pink shimmery tint with glossy finish

Glossy gloss – clear glossy finish, the most moisturizing of all glosses

Gold glitter gloss – clear glossy finish with tiny specks of gold glitter

Matte gloss – matte satin finish gloss

Opal gloss – vibrant purple-pink iridescent shimmer with glossy finish

Orchid gloss – slight purple-pink iridescent shimmer with glossy finish

Pearl gloss – milky pearlescent sheen with semi-glossy finish

Pink glitter gloss – clear glossy finish with tiny specks of pink glitter

Rose gloss – slight pink tint with glossy finish

Sand gloss – light beige shimmer with a semi-glossy finish

Silver glitter gloss – clear glossy finish with tiny specks of silver glitter

Lip Balm – $20 plus tax

LinerSense – $22 plus tax line lips before applying LipSense lip color.  Comes in: blu-red, berry, neutral colors

Lip Volumizer – $50 plus tax lips become noticeably fuller and smoother

Ooops! Remover – $10 plus tax removes LipSense product

ShadowSense $22 plus tax

ShadowSense is long lasting, anti-aging, water resistant eye shadow.  It is in a liquid form similar to Lipsense.  Each bottle is .20 oz.

Matte Colors


Snow, Granite, Onyx (can be used as black liner)


Silver Violet, Amethyst, Denim


Pink Frost, Mulberry, Garnet


Candlelight, Moca Java, Smoked Topaz


Whisper Pink, Sandstone Pearl, Pink Posey

Shimmer Colors

Copper Rose Shimmer, Sandstone Pearl Shimmer, Smoked Topaz Shimmer, Moca Java Shimmer, Pink Opal Shimmer, Silver Shimmer

ShadowSense colors


When used together SeneDerm skin care and SeneSence cosmetics provide 24 hr skin protection that can make every face more beautiful.  They will also help you keep it looking that way.

Having a clear and radiant complexion is the first step to creating your own beautiful makeup look.

Other Makeup Items

For a full list of makeup, detailed descriptions, and pictures, please visit my Facebook group (savvy beauty) here


Anti-Aging Foundation $60 1 oz

Water resistant skin care blended with moisturizers, vitamins, and minerals. The color adjusts to fit a wide variety of skin tones.

Colors Light to Medium: Porcelain, Ivory, Almond, Creme Beige, Beige Chiffon, Dewy, Fawn, Tan, Suede, Cafe Au Lait

Colors Dark: Golden Tan, Deep Caramel, Cinnamon, Adobe, Coffee, Truffle

Original Foundation $50 1 oz

Oil-free, waterproof, long-lasting foundation with mechanical shield equivalent to SPF30 when applied after SeneDerm day time moisturizer.

Colors Light to Medium: Porcelain, Ivory, Almond, Creme Beige, Beige Chiffon, Dewy, Fawn, Tan, Suede

Colors Dark: Cafe Au Lait, Chestnut, Mink

Tinted Moisturizers $45 1 oz

Color correcting tinted moisturizer.  Sheer coverage with skin protection.

Colors: Light, Medium


Anti-Aging Pearlizer $60 1 ozluminous radiant finish w/moisturizers, vitamins, and minerals

Pearlizer $50 1oz – luminous radiant finish


BlushSense $30 – cream blush in bronze, chocolate cherry, terra cotta, cherry, toasted rose, pouty pink, pink berry

BrowSense $20  – liquid brow color in light, taupe, auburn, dark

Corrective Concealer $25 – white, green, light, medium, deep

EyeSense $25 – liquid eyeliner in: black, black/brown

LashSense $25 – waterproof mascara in black and brown

LashSense w/Undersense $20 – Lash builder (undersense) and mascara in one double sided tube.  Colors: black, brown

Silk Pore & Wrinkle Minimizer $60 .5 oz – base for flawless face, fills in wrinkles

Translucent Powder and Bronzer $50 – Beauty on the go with a powder dispensing brush.  Colors include natural, silver rose and bronze dust.

UnderSense $20 – Lash builder



SeneGence has a line of beauty products for your skin and body.  Many of the products contain SenePlex complex which is a kinetic enzyme that affects the way the cells grow from the bottom layers of the skin to the top. SenePlex fights the signs of aging by renewing your skin cells an average of 23.3% more rapidly. In four to eight weeks most customers saw results in the appearance of their skin.

Beauty Products

3 in 1 Cleanser $30 – cleanser designed for skin type (dry, normal, oily)

Anti-wrinkle treatment $65 – reduce appearance of wrinkles making skin texture smoother

Climate Control $60 – hydration in a bottle that helps skin maintain moisture

Collagen Night Pac w/brush $85 – anti-aging sleep treatment that seals in moisture as you sleep.

Day Moisturizer $50 – daytime moisturizer

Dark Circle Under Eye Treatment $50 – reduce appearance of dark circles and tighten skin under eyes

Detoxifying Moisture Mask $50 – mineral mask removes impurities to reveal smoother skin

Eye Creme $50 – oils and vitamins that reduce fine lines and wrinkles

EyeLuminator $55 – reduces fine lines and wrinkles while brightening the area around your eyes with pearlizer

Evening moisturizer $60 deeper moisturizing for evening.

Facial Resurfacer $50 – powerful buffer to resurface skin

Nangai Oil $45 – intensively moisturize and soothe dry skin

Polishing Exfoliator $50 – polish away dead skin

SeneSerum C $65 – 100% natural blend of anti-aging ingredients with stabilized vitamin C for quick absorption

Other Items

Abundance parfum $70

Advanced hydrating body lotion $45

Brush cleaner $20

Hand cream with shea butter $20

Lash Extend $55

Moisturizing body wash $20

Nail Extend $45

Self-tan $50

SeneSun SPF 30 $45

Shea butter body cream $30

Smoothing body scrub $20

Spot-On acne spot treatment $50

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