The holidays are such a magical time with all the beautiful decorations and everyone in a festive mood.  We wanted to go see decorations and lights so we decided to go to Six Flags holiday in the park.  This was the first time we went to this event and we are so glad that we did.  In addition to all the great rides and entertainment you get at Six Flags, we got to see beautiful decorations, fun music and tons of colorful lights.

About Six Flags Holiday in the park

Picture going to a fun amusement park, and immediately seeing rows of beautiful holiday lights over your head.  The lights continue as you walk down the main walkway.  They end at a huge Christmas tree surrounded by performers and carolers.  How is that for an entrance?

This is the 4th year for holiday in the park.  It runs from November 18 – January 3rd.  You can go online to see the details and check out the map that tells you what times the park opens.  It is either  2 – 10 pm or 4 – 10 pm depending on the day.

You can get a map and go to the rides and as you are walking you see pretty holiday displays like nativity scenes and a field full of candles.  The trees are all wrapped in holiday lights that go up for 10 or more feet.  It was quite impressive seeing so many lights.

There are lots of things to do, some of the highlights include:

Holiday Hill

Enter into a majesty of purple and white lights as you walk into Holiday Hill leading into Gotham City. This is very pretty with lights in all the trees and along the walkways.  It is very festive and there are lots of places to get tasty snacks.  You walk the hill and it leads you to the next stop, Metropolis Park.

Metropolis Park

Metropolis Park is full of superheroes like Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman but also full of villains like The Joker.  This is a fun area where kids can help their favorite superheroes save the day.  This is where you can ride my favorite rollercoaster Superman: The Ultimate Flight where you reach a peak of 115 feet high.  It was fun and we didn’t have to stand in a long line.

Right next to the rollercoaster is another interactive ride Justice League: Battle for Metropolis.  This is where you help all of the superheroes battle Lex Luthor and The Joker. You take a wild journey through the Metropolis streets and shoot at bad guys.  It is fun and very immersive.

After getting out of the two big rides, you see all types of fun holiday decorations and lights as well as lots of places to get tasty snacks.

A Georgia Christmas

A Georgia Christmas wouldn’t be complete without its iconic fruit, the peach. In A Georgia Christmas, the trees, the Crystal Pistol, and all surrounding structures are covered in peach lights to make you feel as if it is summer time during Christmas. It was actually in the mid-60s and perfect weather so we really enjoyed being outdoors.

Main Street Carolers

As you step inside the front gate into A Main Street Christmas, you will get to see twinkling lights, decorations and also hear the sound of holiday carolers. The songs were fun and appeal to all ages. This really lifts your spirits and gets you in the holiday mood.

Six Flags holiday lights
Hall of Justice ride
Holiday lights
holiday decorations

Mistletoe Mansion

This is where you can take a stroll through a woodland of garland and Christmas cheer, surrounded by more than 100,000 lights and dozens of mistletoe.

You go right up to Monster Mansion which is a tame ride that kids love. Go inside for a darkly delectable boat ride through a whole mansion’s worth of magical monstrosity.  This is a fun boat ride where you see all kinds of monsters going about their normal activities.  It is very peaceful until the boat goes off course into a dark and scary place. It is fun and a nice break from the more intense rides.  The whole area is decorated with lights and is very festive.

S’mores Village

There’s nothing better than roasting your own s’mores under the open fire during the holiday season.  As you can guess, we really enjoyed this area.  There were 3 open fire pits in various areas and you could go buy all the fixings for a s’mores. You can sit with your family and friends around the fire surrounded by beautiful lights.  We thought that it was a very nice touch.

Christmas Tree Lighting

I mentioned that when you walked in, there is a giant Christmas Tree. Each night at 6:00 p.m. from November 18 – January 3, Six Flags begins the Holiday in the Park with the lighting of its towering 25-foot Christmas tree located in the front of the park.

The tree is lit each night by US Military personnel, police officers and firefighters, along with their loved ones. More than one million lights will be lit in one harmonious moment signifying the beginning of Holiday in the Park.

Because It’s Christmas

There is a fun family show to enjoy. When Tommy and Elizabeth make a last minute wish for their family to be together at Christmas, they get some unexpected help from Santa’s little helpers. Once they realize that their only hope for a happy holiday is Santa himself, their dream is at risk because it’s already Christmas Eve and may be too late. It’s a race to make a Christmas wish come true. It definitely puts you in the Christmas spirit.

North Pole Express

Of course, you need to ride a train at the holidays.  You can take a magical ride through the snowy and beautiful scenery and journey to the North Pole where Santa and Mrs. Claus are waiting to see you.

It all begins at the Marthasville Train Station. Magical lights and holiday cheer will line your path to the North Pole. Santa is available at the park for pictures and wish lists until December 23. That is a great option if you have little kids as it makes it special.

S'Mores fire pit
North Pole Express train

Did I mention the food?

Wait, you know there was all kinds of good food right?  I told you about the fire pits and the s’mores which are fabulous, but there was more.  You can get regular meals in the restaurant, but also find snacks all along the paths.

A few that stood out to us were red velvet funnel cakes and apple cinnamon and pumpkin spice pretzels.

Chocolate Dipped Peppermint Pretzels –  one of a kind doughy pretzels are topped with mint and sprinkles.

Christmas Inspired Funnel Cakes –  fluffy, powdery, deep-fried funnel cakes topped to perfection with a variety of toppings.

A very festive experience

We really had fun at Six Flags Holiday in the park.  You get to ride all your favorite roller coasters and see shows like you normally would.  What makes it even better is all the great decorations and so many holiday lights everywhere you turned.  The lights made it happy and then the upbeat holiday music got you excited about the adventure.  Just in case all those coasters wore you out, you could get hot chocolate, s’mores, pretzels and more.  While you are eating you can listen to the carolers and relax.

I had never thought of going to Six Flags late in the season.  Luckily in Georgia, it stays warm a long time.  We had temps in the mid-60s which was perfect.  I really enjoyed my holiday in the park and would definitely go again.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

Rating (4 stars):

Pros: Unique experience, amazing decorations, fun, entertaining

Cons: Cost for parking and food is high, some events and booths were closed

Priority: Medium – very festive and fun

Cost: Prices start at $48.99

Savvy Tip: Try to get there before 6 pm to see the Christmas tree lighting.


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