We are always on the go, so it is important to have healthy snacks full of protein.  I love the idea of protein bites, but don’t always have time to make them.  Recently, I was in Walmart shopping when I came across a product sample of Special K protein bites.  I tried them and thought they were tasty.

The demonstrator gave me a coupon, so that sealed the deal. I immediately located them in the store and picked up two bags. I am glad I did. So far, I have found them in the granola bar aisle at Walmart, Target, and Publix as well as online at Amazon.

Special K Protein bites Flavors

I don’t know about you, but I love peanut butter.  So when I was faced with a choice between Caramel Nut and Peanut Butter Chocolate, I opted for the peanut butter.  The lady demonstrating the product also gave me a sample of the caramel nut.  I must say, the caramel nut was much better tasting.  They both are good, but the caramel nut has way more flavor.  That one gets my vote.  I still love peanut butter, but caramel gets a big win on this product.

The texture is kind of like granola.  They are small squares so you can grab a handful (or two, three…) and run to your next activity.  The caramel nut did have slivers of almonds which I liked a lot.  The bag is re-sealable so it is super easy to take on the go.

What’s Inside?

A summary of the nutritional facts on the back includes:

Serving size – 11 pieces (remember they are small) with 4 servings per bag

Calories – 180

Total fat – 9g

Total cholesterol – 0mg

Sodium – 125mg

Carbohydrates 16g (wish that was a little lower but not horrible)

Dietary fiber – 3g

Sugar – 8g

Protein – 9g (pretty good)

Calcium & Iron – 6%

Overall that was not too bad.  I wish the sugar and carbs were lower and the protein higher, but still compared to other snacks it is healthier.  I will point out that it is not organic or non-GMO.  One other thing to note is it contains nuts including almonds and peanuts. For those with allergies, this may not be the best option.  It also contains soy and milk.  I like to point that out for those with allergies or digestive issues.

Special K protein bites up close
Special K protein bites nutritional info

My Assessment

Overall, I am very pleased with this product.  I am always rushing from one place to another. This can get me in trouble as far as picking bad snacks when I get hungry.  The protein bites are filling, tasty and convenient.  This meets most of my needs for a snack.  My ideal protein bite would be non-GMO, have fewer carbs and sugar and more protein.  The solution to that is for me to make them from scratch.  When I have time, I do make them myself.  I use these when I am short on time and need something easy to take on the go with a re-sealable bag.

Target and Walmart have the best prices, which are around $2.78 per bag.  I stock up on them when I go shopping as these last me awhile. I would recommend the Special K protein bites as an additional snack in your arsenal. Yes, I take snacking seriously and have an arsenal. Having variety in my protein snacks is important, and I really like the taste of the caramel nut bites.  I think you will enjoy these too.

Average Cost:

$2.78 – $3.49

Lowest price found at Target and Walmart.

Where to buy:

Walmart, Target, most grocery stores.  You can also buy online from various sites including Amazon.


Happy snacking!

Rating (4 stars):

Pros: Tasty, higher protein, great on the go

Cons: Carbs a little high, not non-GMO

Priority: Medium – great on the go snack

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Website: http://www.specialk.com

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