I love all the pretty flowers that bloom this time of year. I have so many favorite Spring flowers from azaleas to roses and I really enjoy watching them bloom in my garden. The vivid mix of colors makes my garden come alive. Here are some highlights from my Spring flowers in bloom.

My Spring Flowers

I live in Georgia which means we do have all four seasons, but sometimes Spring is a bit shorter than I would like.  We tend to go from Fall to about 2 months of Spring and then jump into the heat of Summer. Since Spring is my favorite time of year, I wish it would last longer.  We could do with a shorter Summer here.

The Spring flowers in my garden range from azaleas, knockout roses, wild roses and even some pansies that are hanging on from the Winter.  I do not have bulbs as I don’t have a really big garden.  If I did, I would definitely plant tulips and daffodils as they are both such happy flowers.

The Weather

We went from Winter to a quick Spring and then got hot quickly.  This put the plants in overdrive and they all started budding early.  Unfortunately, we then went back to some 30-degree evening temps which didn’t go over well with the flowers. The weather now is in the 70s and creeping into the low 80s so everything in the garden is active.

Unfortunately, that also includes bugs.  My Japanese Maple got attacked by aphids right when the leaves were sprouting.  It was so bad I had to get an insecticide as I feared the tree would not make it.  I now have them under control, but not until they had done a lot of damage to the maple and to my knock out roses.

All The Flowers

I did a pretty heavy cut back on most of my plants this Winter.  That is good for healthy new growth, but some plants get a little cranky when you do that.  My azaleas were not happy campers, but the rest of the plants seem to be ok.


This year my azaleas did not bloom very well.  I had mentioned that they were a bit strained last summer so I cut them back a lot this winter.  They don’t like a heavy cut back and made me pay for it by not blooming that much.  I did get a few nice blooms but nothing spectacular.  I am hoping they fill back in and we have a better outcome next year.


Ok, I know they are more Winter flowers but they will live in Georgia into the Summer.  I have been very happy with them this year.  They have added consistent color throughout my garden all Winter and even now.

Knockout Roses

These are hearty roses that do very well here.  They have loved the warm weather and shot up in height quickly.  They were on track to do very well this year until the aphids attacked.  I have never seen so many bugs in my life.  They devoured the leaves and really made their presence known this Spring.  I did spray them with insecticide and the roses are doing well. My favorite are the bushes that have 2 different color blooms.

Wild Roses

These are the easiest roses to grow because you just ignore them and they thrive.  Can’t beat that.  I do give them water in the heat of the summer to help them along.  The red wild rose always blooms first and then the pink follows.  I think these flowers are so pretty and intricate.  They will bloom all through the summer.

spring flowers
red wild rose
2 tone knockout rose
bright pink knockout rose

Enjoy Nature’s Beauty

I love this time of year as everything is fresh and new. Spring flowers are so pretty with vivid colors that brighten up the landscape.  I wish it would stay Spring a little longer here in GA.  We usually have a short spring and jump right into hot weather.  Hopefully, we can enjoy these flowers for a little while longer.  Here is what my Spring garden looked like last year.


Live every day like it is Spring.