April showers have brought my spring garden to life.  We are having another one as I am typing.  The good thing about all the rain is it knocks down some of the pine pollen. For those that don’t know, in Georgia we have many pine trees and they produce an intense pollen.  It is bright yellow and covers just about everything it touches.  That is why so many of us have severe allergies right now.  The rain is very welcome for many reasons.

Colorful Spring Garden

I have a small garden where I focus on flowers and bushes, mainly due to space limitations.  I enjoy planting roses, calla lilies and many other types of flowers.  There is also a Japanese maple and various ferns.

I have seven azalea bushes throughout the garden. The azaleas already bloomed and were quite spectacular. I primarily have pink ones because they are vivid and really brighten things up.

I had some problems with them and the heat this past summer.  Some of them get intense sun and their leaves will lighten up due to strain.  I give them time released fertilizer and keep them watered to help.  I am happy to say all survived and look good this year.  They had fewer blooms, but they all look healthy.

We usually start spring at the end of February and go through April, but some years it gets hot early.  We did move into the 80s briefly, but the rain cooled things down.  The heat is a problem for the pansies, but the bigger issue is that the chipmunks love to eat their petals.  It is tough being a pansy around here.

spring garden azaleas

Japanese Maple

I have a pretty Japanese maple that not only looks great, it brings much-needed shade to the other plants. It gets very hot here so the plants on that side of the garden do a little better during the hottest months.

I have some planters hanging from it.  Right now they contain the last of the pansies and some trailing vine-like plants.  I will replace the pansies shortly with another summer flower.  I frequent Home Depot this time of year looking at all the pretty flowers.

Below the tree, I have some ferns that thrive in the shady area.  They are just now starting to fill in.  I love the detail on the leaves. Two have filled in but the third that is in the back is slow emerging this year. This is the area the lizards and other creatures go to stay cool in the summer.

Right now a pair of cardinals are trying to build a nest in the tree. Of course, this means that each time I go outside they express their unhappiness at me being in the garden.  We have many birds here and the competition for a place to nest is fierce.  When I first moved in I had robins, but the cardinals have taken over.

Rest of the crew

I also have two butterfly bushes in my garden.  I love the way they look and they attract all kinds of insects and hummingbirds. It is too early for them to bloom, but when they do it is spectacular. One is a pinkish purple color.  There is another one that is three colors. It is purple with pink and then some yellow in the center.

The knockout roses are the main ones in bloom providing color.  I also have a calla lily that is just starting to send up shoots.  It is very delicate and pretty when it is blooming.

I have a few more flowers including balloon flowers.  They are the brightest shade of blue with a hint of purple.  I like that they bloom continuously even in the heat of the summer.  Both the calla lily and balloon flowers should be blooming in the next week or two.

My pink wild roses are still not blooming heavily, but the red ones just had another few buds open.  They are very resilient and don’t require a lot of special care.  I am sure the pink ones will start blooming soon.

fancy pink rose
red wild roses

New project

Those are the highlights of my spring garden.  I am working on a project that I hope is successful.  One of my favorite flowers is the sunflower.  I bought some seeds and put some in a pot inside.  Once the plants started getting a little tall I moved them outside.  So far they are doing pretty well, but are just green stalks with leaves.  It will be interesting to see how they do.  I am not sure how they will hold the weight of such a big flower.  This is my first time trying to grow them, so we will just have to see how it goes.

I really enjoy going out after the rain to see what new flowers have emerged.  It is very important for all of us to spend time in nature as it relaxes us and allows for an escape from our daily stress.  Hope you enjoyed my spring garden.

“Deep in their roots, all flowers keep the light”

 – Theodore Roethke


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