Summer is in full swing bringing on lots of hot sunny days.  This is tough on my garden visitors.  I have recently been seeing regular visitors to my garden and got some fun shots I wanted to share.

Summer Garden Visitors

Here in Georgia, it can get well into the 90s during the summer.  This means the visitors to my garden are often looking for shade and moisture.  I have butterfly bushes for the moths, bees, hummingbirds, and butterflies to enjoy.  My ferns are a nice shady spot for lizards, chipmunks, and even some birds.

Lots of variety

My butterfly bushes are the most popular part of the garden.  Starting in June the carpenter bees took over.  They are territorial and love the nectar.  July is when the moths and butterflies started arriving.  It wasn’t until August that I saw the first hummingbird.  They like the butterfly bushes and the lantana on my front porch.

While outside, the butterflies were enjoying the blooms as well as the carpenter bee.  I saw some cute little moths and tried to get a shot.  They were not too thrilled with me.  I am pretty sure that moth was giving me the stink eye in the last picture.

orange butterfly
carpenter bee
butterfly garden visitors
mad moth

Other Critters

I have a lot of birds and other critters that visit regularly.  I am plagued by a chipmunk that is cute but constantly destroying everything.  There are lizards that love to sunbathe.  This one really wanted me to leave him alone.

After the rain, I was trimming plants and was working on the pink butterfly bush.  Right near the base of the trunk something light caught my eye.  It took me a minute but realized it was a frog sitting very still. He was almost a silver/grey shade and very cute.  He stayed still the entire time I trimmed the plant.  I am pretty sure his name was Frank…well at least that is what I called him.  He watched me the whole time and I am betting was relieved when I moved on from that plant.  He is the main image on this post.  Below see him from behind.

lizard lounging
cool frog

Active Garden

These are just the critters that I saw during the day.  I wonder what happens at night in the garden.  I have a feeling there are rodents and snakes moving about as I have seen signs.  The chipmunks tear up the plants early in the morning before it is too hot.  There is a revolving door of fun garden visitors that I can watch.  I am on the hunt to get a good picture of a hummingbird if possible.


The garden is alive with creatures…