Holiday shopping is in full swing and finding the perfect gift can always be a challenge.  Tech holiday gifts are always popular and there are a wide variety of products and price ranges to meet all needs.  I compiled some of the top holiday technology gifts to make your shopping a little easier.

Top tech holiday gifts

Ok, there are countless tech gadgets you can buy for loved ones.  You can get fun little presents to use as stocking stuffers all the way up to gaming consoles and drones.  So how do you choose the perfect gift?  I researched what some of the hottest gadgets are right now and broke them out by price and age.  This list is a great way to get you started on your holiday shopping adventures.

Stocking Stuffers

We all love getting fun things in our stockings. I mean socks, nail polish, lip gloss, and candy are all great but who doesn’t love a nice tech gadget thrown in?  Here are a few to add to your stockings.

Portable Battery Charger

We are always having to charge our phones and other devices.  When you are on the go it is convenient to have a small, lightweight charger to take with you.  There are slim ones that can fit in a pocket to slightly bigger ones that can charge multiple devices at once.

There are many different good brands. One I have used and had good luck with is Anker. Since we are talking about stocking stuffers, smaller size and a lower price were key.  My choice:

Anker Power Core+ mini lipstick-sized portable charger $15.99 on Amazon.

Key features: High-speed charging, ultra-compact, adds one full charge to most phones, comes with a warranty.

Lego DC Comics Superman alarm clock

This is so cute that I want one! I am sure kids would love at least one of the DC superheroes.  It also comes in Star Wars and other characters.  Darth Vadar is cool.

Lego DC Comics Super Heros Superman mini figure light-up alarm clock  $19.19 on Amazon.

Key features: Digital LCD alarm clock, 9.5 inches tall, moveable arms and legs, alarm and snooze functions.  2 AAA batteries. Ages 6+.

JBL Go Portable Wireless speaker

A good Bluetooth speaker for when you don’t want to use headphones.  It is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

JBL Go Portable Wireless speaker $36 on Amazon.

Key features: Built-in strap hook and carrying strap, charge at any USB port, connects to most devices via headphone output.

Tribe DC Comics Wonder Woman USB and key ring

Who wouldn’t want to carry Wonder Woman around with them to class or work? This USB drive is also a key ring.  If Wonder Woman is not your favorite they have other DC, Marvel and Star Wars characters.

DC Comics Wonder Woman USB 16 GB $7.49 on Amazon.

Key Features: Officially licensed 16GB to store your files/photos, comes with cap.

Other ideas:

Pop Sockets Cell phone grip $9.99 Target, SkullCandy earbuds $9.99 Target, Fire TV Stick w/Alexa remote $34.99 Amazon

Anker battery charger
Lego DC Superman alarm clock
JBL Go wireless speaker
DC Wonder Woman USB and keychain

Kids Tech Holiday gifts

There are so many fun tech gadgets for kids.  I picked out a few that were top on different sites.  Of course you know if it is a hot item it sells out fast.

Fingerlings Interactive Baby Monkey

This is definitely one of the items to get this holiday season. They come in different colors with different names and are interactive pets.

Fingerlings Interactive Baby Monkey – Finn $14.99 at Target.

Key Features: interactive pets that hang onto your finger, blink their eyes, turn their heads, blow kisses, swing by their tails, and talk in monkey babble.

Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit

This looks like a lot of fun.  Kids can create their own droid and bring it to life with littleBits electronic blocks. It comes with a free droid inventor app so they can go on 16 different adventures.

Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit  – $99 on Amazon also has a 15% off coupon you can use

Key Features: Complete Droid Kit includes all electronic blocks, Droid parts, 9V battery, and free app.

KD Interactive Aura Drone with Glove Controller

Flying a drone just got easier with Aura because you are the controller.  This is very cool as the Gesturebotics glove that you wear is what controls the drone using hand commands.

KD Interactive Aura Drone with Glove Controller $93 with a 15% coupon on Amazon.

Key features: Fly forward and backward, left and right, change altitude and even perform tricks like a sideways flip, all with a simple wave of the hand.  Includes Auto Takeoff, Auto Hover, and Auto Landing.

Zoomer Meowzies Interactive Kitten

Arista is an interactive kitten with a fluffy tail for petting.  She enjoys cuddling, playing games as well as purring.

Zoomer Meowzies Interactive Kitten – Arista $28 with coupon on Amazon.

Key features: The more you play with Arista the happier she is, interactive games, ages 5+, requires 3 AAA batteries.

Other ideas:

Anki Cozmo robot $198.99 Amazon, furReal proto Max $89.99 Amazon, Fisher-Price Smart Cycle $99.99 Amazon.

Tech holiday toys - Fingerlings monkey
Star Wars droid inventor kit
KD Interactive Aura Drone
Zoomer Meowzies Interactive Kitten

Adult Tech Holiday gifts

As you can imagine, gaming is big in tech gifts this season.  I picked out a few gifts that were top sellers on various sites.

Nintendo Switch

This is definitely one of the hot items to get this holiday season. This is the red and blue version but it also comes in grey.  It was full price on both Amazon and Target.  Maybe it will go on sale after Christmas.

Nintendo Switch with neon blue and red Joy-con

On Amazon, it will be in stock Dec 20th – $299

On Target, it is available now – $299.99

Key Features: Nintendo Switch console, Nintendo Switch dock, Joy-Con (L) and Joy-Con (R), and Two Joy-Con strap accessories One Joy-Con grip, HDMI cable, and Nintendo Switch AC adapter

Amazon Echo (2nd generation)

Personal assistant devices are big right now and Amazon Echo is the top one.  Alexa is a great assistant that allows you to do things like place orders, get the weather and even get fit.

Amazon Echo – $79.99 on Amazon

Key Features: Play music, listen to audiobooks, ask Alexa questions and connect with other echo devices. New speaker with dolby processing and 7 microphones.  Alexa can control other smart home devices, request Uber and more.

FujiFilm Instax mini camera

I didn’t realize how popular they are right now.  This is an instant camera so you take a picture and instantly get it.  This is great for parties or events if you want to hand out pictures. The camera has a selfie setting, adjusts to lighting conditions and comes in multiple colors.

FujiFilm Instax camera $59.95 on Amazon (price varies based on color)

Key features: Selfie mirror, close up lens attachment, brightness adjustment, 2 AA batteries required.

GoPro Hero 5 camera

Hero 5 has stunning 4k video and takes 12 MP pictures in single burst and time lapse-mode. It is waterproof and rugged so you can take it on all your adventures.

GoPro Hero 5 – $299 on Amazon.

Key features: Waterproof, voice control, video stabilization, built in wi-fi, GPS, 3 microphones, wide dynamic range photo capture.  Charger is not included.

Other ideas:

echo Dot $29.99 Amazon, Fire HD 8 tablet $49.99 Amazon, Google home mini $29 Target, Xbox One X $499 Amazon

Nintendo Switch
Amazon Echo
Fujifilm Instax camera
GoPro Hero 5

Tech Gifts Galore

I hope that will give you some ideas on your technology gifts this year.  I did not include TVs, laptops and things like that as there are thousands to choose from and all are based on your personal likes.  My suggestion if you are looking for those items is to go to Amazon or your favorite store’s site and search on best sellers in those categories.  That will help you see which ones are popular and have higher ratings.

There are a few things I didn’t add in since they had a more limited audience, but are worth a mention.  If you are an Apple user then the Apple airpods wireless earphones are a hot item this year at about $160 at Target.  Another one I keep hearing about is the Bibo barmaid mixed drink maker.  It goes for $179.99 on Amazon and is popular.

Hope you find some unique tech holiday gifts for all the members of your family.  Good luck!

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Wishing you a season filled with merriment!

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