I don’t know about you, but I love Alexa.  She helps me stay organized, tells me the weather and helps me shop.  Now Amazon’s Alexa can send a text for you if you have an Android phone. This is part of her messaging functions and is very easy to set up.

Alexa Voice and Text

Alexa can make a phone call for you, play your messages, and send a text.  You will have to do a little setup to ensure she has access to contact info, but it is easy to do.

Getting Started

It is pretty easy to set up texting with Alexa.  You need to download the Alexa app, change a few settings and then you are good to go.

Download Alexa App

If you haven’t already, download the Alexa app for Android 5.0 or higher.  The feature currently works only for sending SMS messages to Android phones. Amazon can’t offer a similar feature for iPhone users because Apple currently does not offer their messaging API to third-parties. Like voice calling with Alexa, this feature will let you text most US numbers, excluding 911. You also will not be able to send SMS to groups or send MMS. Here is how you can set up SMS with Alexa.

Setup Alexa text
  • Open the Alexa app
  • Open the Conversations tab.
  • If the app is updated, a pop-up will appear, explaining the new SMS feature. Tap Go to my profile (or OK).
    • If you don’t see this, you can get to your profile by tapping the Contacts icon in the upper right (next to the compose button) and selecting My Profile at the top of your contacts lists.
  • Under Permissions tap the toggle next to Send SMS to enable it. Tap OK to continue.
  • Tap Allow to give Alexa access to send and view SMS messages.

Using Alexa text

When you ask Alexa and your Echo device to “send a text message” or “send an SMS,” Amazon’s digital assistant will ask you to name the recipient and then get their details from your contacts. If the person isn’t in your contacts, you can simply say the number to which you want to send the message.

The message on the recipient’s phone appears in text form, but they will also have a link you can tap on so they can hear it as well. That is pretty cool.

Sending SMS with Alexa works with these devices: the Echo, Dot, Spot, Echo Plus and Show. For those of you with a Tap, like me, you are out of luck as it doesn’t work on that device.

To send a message with Alexa, you can say things like:

“Alexa, send an SMS.”

“Alexa, send a text message.”

“Alexa, send an SMS to [contact name].”

“Alexa, send a text message to [contact name].”

Final Thoughts

I love that Alexa is becoming more and more useful as a virtual assistant.  I will use Alexa text and other new features as I find them easy to setup and helpful. There are lots of cool things she can do now. I am still waiting for Alexa to be able to clean my house or make dinner.  Hopefully those features are coming soon.

Savvy Tip: If you want to learn more about Alexa’s messaging features including calling and drop in, check out their support section. There are so many things Alexa can do and they are adding new functions regularly.

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