Snacking is a big part of my day.  I just love trying new products and am always on the lookout for healthy snacks that I can take on the go.  If I don’t bring a healthy snack with me, the candy bars in the vending machine call out to me.  They know I am weak and will answer their calls. That is until I found Urthbox snacks.

All about Urthbox

Urthbox understands the challenges snackers endure and have created healthy subscription snack boxes.  They work like other subscription boxes but these are focused on healthy foods.  The boxes run from mini that has 6 snacks and is $12.99 a month to large which has 25+ snacks and is $39.99 a month.  Shipping in the US is free which is a nice benefit.

You go to their site and start building your box.  All of the boxes contain healthy snacks that are non-GMO.  You can choose Classic which has a nice mix of snacks.  That is the box I received.  There is also a gluten-free, vegan and diet option to cover the needs of many customers.

Inside the Classic box

I got my Classic box and was really surprised by all the unique products inside.  I had not heard of many of them.  My box had 12 snacks (part-time snacker) which included:

  • ips chips white cheddar protein chips 1 oz
  • Hannahmax baking crunch cookie chips sea salt peanut butter 6 oz
  • Honchos peach habanero chips 1.5 oz
  • The Good Crisps company original potato crisps 1.8 oz
  • Energems chocolate energy 21 gems
  • Hippeas chickpea puffs 1oz
  • Ines Rosales citrus crumble cake 1.27 oz
  • Little Buddy’s honey peanut nut butter 1.15 oz
  • Oldeman cranberry pecan granola 1.1 oz
  • Surf sweets organic fruity bears .5 oz
  • Late July sea salt tortilla chips 1 oz
  • Candy land chocolate covered bacon……yes a big slab of chocolate covered bacon, yum
  • 2 samples: Your tea and Stur lemonade powder.

I liked the variety of snacks and that I hadn’t tried many of the brands.  Now to dig in!!

Inside Urthbox

Was it tasty?

All of the chips: The Good chips, Honchos, ips chips, Hippeas and Late July were good and exactly as expected.  I have tried similar brands before and liked them so I was pleased. The granola was great on my yogurt and the crumble cake was tasty.  I really liked the crunchy cookie chips as they are a cross between a chip and a cookie.  That works for me.

The energems were interesting.  They are dark chocolate berry and have caffeine in them.  I liked them but not sure if I would get them again.  The surf sweets were ok I am not a huge fan of gummy bear type snacks.

The nut butter was good and I liked that it was a new brand I hadn’t tried before. Now onto the chocolate covered bacon.  It was good with a somewhat strong taste, but I was a trooper and finished the whole thing.

Overall, I was pleased with the Urthbox selections.  If I had my choice I would have preferred more items with higher protein counts like protein bars or granola bars.  It was a good mix and from what I am reading each month is a new surprise so who knows what the next will bring.

I would recommend giving Urthbox a try.  It has healthy foods and it gives you a chance to learn about new products that you might not see at your local grocery store.  I am glad I tried it and would do it again.


Keep your friends close and your snacks closer

Rating (4 stars):

Pros: New products, healthy snacks, variety

Cons: Some items may not be your favorite

Priority: Medium – great option if you want new healthy snacks delivered to your door

Cost: $12.99 mini to $39.99 for a large box

Savvy Tip: Check out the discounts they offer if you subscribe for longer periods of time



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