Coca Cola is an icon and we love the company here in Georgia.  They do so many amazing things for the community and are a big supporter of my alma mater Georgia Tech. Go Jackets! I recently went to the World of Coca Cola to see what had changed since they renovated.  It was similar with a few new twists.

World of Coca Cola

The World of Coca Cola is a museum showcasing the history of Coke.  It covers 20 acres and is located in downtown Atlanta on Baker street.  It is near the Georgia Aquarium, Centennial Olympic Park, and other fun activities. The museum features a lot of cool exhibits that include vintage Coke signs, bottles from all around the world and other items from various countries.

When you first enter you are broken up into groups and you get to choose your favorite Coke product.  It comes in the bottles with the fancy designs. The lobby displays huge coke bottles with different pictures on them.

You then move onto the Coca Cola theater where you see a short film showing pictures of people enjoying Coke all around the world.  It shows people experiencing moments of happiness including family events and even a person skydiving for the first time.  It was touching and reinforced Coke’s brand image.

The Loft

Next is the main area called the Loft which contains around 200 items covering 125 years of Coke’s history. That is where you see all the vintage signs, memorabilia and cool art displayed from many different countries.

It is amazing to see the price of Coke in the 50s and other times.  The cost was 25 cents on many of the Coke machines. Celebrities were displayed on many Coke signs and advertisements. They also had really interesting old photographs and space exploration items.

You got to see how Coke was delivered and the unique vehicles they used. It was quite a progression on delivery through the years. I loved the vivid colors used to advertise Coca Cola in different countries.

Coca Cola vending machines
Coca Cola truck

You walked into various rooms and saw a timeline of different collectibles.  It was interesting to see what was popular in different decades. There was an area that looked almost Victorian with pretty lace and other delicate feminine items. They had recipes on how to prepare foods with Coke or just tips for women at that time.

It progressed in years into the 50s and 60s which my mom liked.  There were a lot of fun items that would be in a diner or similar place. They did have a section with old tv advertisements including the “I’d like to teach the world to sing” commercial and the polar bear commercials.

I loved the artistic area.  There were cases with all types of creative work.  I enjoyed one were animals were made out of aluminum Coke cans.  The giraffes were my favorite and I liked the recycling aspect of the work.

The Coca Cola Vault

The Vault was the next area and that is where the “secret formula” of Coke is stored. This is an interactive area where you can do activities like the Taste Maker to create different flavors and the Bubble-izer where you are part of the foam in Coke.  It is an interesting area that engages you.

Bottle works is a behind the scene tour of how Coke is bottled.  You see all the equipment they use in a bottling plant. It was interesting watching the bottles go by and learning the process.

Coke Art

Next is a Coca Cola Portrait wall which is an interactive map showing different initiatives Coke is doing to help people around the world.  That was inspirational.

The Pop Culture Gallery was fun.  It showcased the art of people around the world and how Coke inspires them.  I really enjoyed the paintings and other artwork.  My Coke Art has interactive screens where you can design artwork and it can be emailed to you.

Coca Cola collectibles
My Coke art

Interactive Movie

We had so much fun in the next area which was a 4D movie called “In Search of the Secret Formula”.  You sit in a theater and your seat moves.  You get glasses that really immerse you in the film.  Coke comes flying at you and you go on different adventures.  It was funny to hear people’s reactions to the images coming at them and the movement of the seat.  You really felt like you were part of the movie.

Taste It

At the end, there is Taste It which is where you go to different machines that will let you sample Coke beverages from around the world.  It is amazing what is popular in other countries.  Most of it was extremely sweet and fruity tasting.  You can sample individual drinks from any country or mix them.  This was a very busy area and hard to get to some of the dispensers.  They also have Freestyle machines in the back of the room.

They had a sampling bar where you could taste newly developed flavors featured for a limited time.  I don’t like really sugary drinks and some of the combinations were odd to me.  To each their own.

Coca Cola fountain drinks
Coca Cola tasting room

Once you are done here you exit out into a gift shop that has tons of cool Coca Cola products.  Overall it was very engaging and fun.  The thing to keep in mind is it is very crowded as so many people want to visit.  I would definitely recommend this as a must see if you are in Atlanta.

The World of Coca Cola is in walking distance to other attractions like the CNN Center, GA Aquarium and the College Football Hall of Fame  so there is much to do right in one spot.

Things go better with Coke!


Rating (5 stars):

Pros: Engaging modern experience, lots of attractions, unique experiences

Cons: Large crowds make it difficult to see everything

Priority: High – must see

Cost: $17 adult general admission

Savvy Tip: Coke is by several other attractions, a City Pass would save you money on them

Website:  World of Coca Cola