Chocolate is the absolute best. Even better is small batch, high-quality, uniquely flavored chocolate creations. That is what you get when you try Xocolatl chocolates. I got a chance to enjoy some of their goodies and was very impressed.

About Xocolatl Chocolate

Xocolatl has a chocolate micro-factory in Atlanta where they make dark chocolate free of fillers and full of flavor. The owners trained with the local chocolate makers in Costa Rica to make dark chocolate that was pure and intense.  They wanted to bring back that high-quality taste to the US and they certainly did.

They are so proud of their chocolate creations that they offer a Tour & Tasting. You get to walk through their chocolate making process, from bean-to-bar. Next is a guided tasting of single origin dark chocolates made from ethically sourced cacao from around the world. Wine is included for you to enjoy during the tour and tasting.  Wow, chocolate and wine? Count me in!

The tours take place at their micro-factory at Krog Street Market in Atlanta, GA. There is a max of 6 people per tasting and lasts 1 hour. Can you imagine 1 hour of high quality chocolate and wine?  That would be fabulous.

The Chocolates

They have a variety of chocolates to choose from.  I got to try their bars and the coconut milk bark.  Everything was tasty.  You can shop online for their decadent chocolate treatsThe ones I sampled included:

Chocolate bark – Coconut milk bark with candied pistachios & dried cherries.  This was my favorite as I am a huge fan of pistachios.  The chocolate is rich and dark mixed with the sweet cherries and crunchy pistachios. It was a perfect blend.  I would highly recommend their bark.

Chocolate bars – They have a large variety of bars with flavors like Love & Happiness which is blood orange, Magnifimint which is a peppermint and Americana which is chocolate apple pie.  Yum!  The bars I had included:

Go Nuts – Dry roasted almonds & vanilla sea salt set in fruity dark chocolate.  It is their version of the adult PB&J. I really loved this one.  The flavor was fabulous.

Kissed Mermaids – You know with a name like that it will be good. It is dark coconut milk chocolate with vanilla-infused sea salt and crunchy cacao nibs sprinkled on the back. Very tasty.

Peru – Dark fruits buried in deep bitter cocoa. They describe it as creamy with some minerality, this belongs with savory dishes, full-bodied red wines & black coffee.  This was a tad strong for me but still tasty.

In addition to the bars, they also have drinking chocolate in a variety of flavors. If you want to give the gift of decadence they have Chocolate Lover’s boxes with all kinds of goodies inside.

Xocolatl chocolate bars
chocolate bark

Final thoughts

I am impressed with the high quality and rich flavor of Xocolatl chocolate.  You can tell that quality is important to this company. I enjoyed all the flavors especially those that had a mix of nuts and fruit. I highly recommend trying Xocolatl creations as they are worth the price.  Now I will go back to eating my tasty coconut milk bark with pistachios and dried cherries. Yum!

Never underestimate the power of chocolate

Rating (4.5 stars):

Pros: tasty, unique flavors, high-quality ingredients

Cons: self-control is tough, the price is a tad high

Priority: Medium – high-quality small batch chocolates

Cost: 3-Pack bars $25 or $9.50 single bar

Savvy Tip: Go to a Tour & Tasting where you can try their delicious products. Wine is included.

Website: Xocolatl