The Yellow Daisy Festival at Stone Mountain Park is a great family event. You will see arts, crafts, dancing, singing, and sample delicious festival foods.  We enjoy going to this each year and seeing all the creative work.  I especially enjoy the handcrafted jewelry and of course the tasty food.

Yellow Daisy History

The Yellow Daisy Festival is in its 49th year at Stone Mountain Park.  For those that don’t know, Stone Mountain Park covers 3,200 acres of natural beauty.  It is most known for the carving of Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee, and Stonewall Jackson.  The mountain is more than 5 miles in circumference at the base and can be climbed or there is a sky lift to get to the top.  The park has many things to do including a train, tours of antebellum mansions, museum, a riverboat, laser shows and much more.

Throughout the year there are many festivals, but the Yellow Daisy is one of the most popular.  It started as a small arts and crafts festival and has turned into a 4-day event. The festival has more than 400 artists and crafters from 33 states so there is a lot of variety.  There is daily live entertainment, a children’s corner and lots of great food including one of my favorites, funnel cake.

Lots to see

You wander through tree covered trails past many booths.  Each booth is unique and has items to meet everyone’s needs.  We started out seeing the boiled peanuts because this is Georgia. There are live bands and free food.  As we walked down the path we saw everything from beautiful artwork to homemade moonshine cakes.  The cakes were tasty and gave you a slight buzz after eating them, so that lightened everyone’s mood.

I love the handmade jewelry, especially sterling silver items.  There were plenty of jewelry items as well as handmade clothing, football rivalry items, leather goods and outdoor statues.  One booth was very unique. He had taken logs and shaped them into pigs and piglets with an entertaining display.  It definitely made us laugh.

I loved the handmade cinnamon almonds, fudge and all kinds of fattening candy.  Hey, what happens at the festival stays at the festival.

Stone Mountain carving
Yellow Daisy festival path
moonshine cakes
pet pigs

Music, Dancing and more

We enjoyed the local kids dancing.  There was tap dancing and colorful outfits.  They also had an amazing band playing Journey songs.  I was surprised at how talented they were.  We enjoyed sitting and listening to them under a tent.

As you walk along the paths you finally end up in a food court area.  This is where you can find funnel cakes, ice cream and just about any festival food you are seeking.  After walking that long, we need something to give us an energy boost.

We had so much fun at the Yellow Daisy Festival.  It is worth going to see all the talented artists and crafters.  If you are ever in GA in early September, check it out.  You will get a taste of Southern hospitality and have a lot of fun.


Good Times, Good Music, Good Memories

Rating (4 stars):

Pros: Lots of unique arts and crafts, fun, food, entertaining

Cons: Crowds can be large, lots of walking

Priority: Medium – nice to see a variety of arts and crafts

Savvy Tip: Go early as Thursday and Friday are less crowded and there is more to choose from

Cost: Festival is free it costs $15 to get in the park


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